Origin of the Forest

Object Article

Item #: [REDACTED]

Object Class: [UNIDENTIFIED]

Special Containment Procedures: This SCP is known to have a storage in it's plot of measured 12ft. in the air and a stalker of a man with unknown size but is compared very tall.

Description: This SCP is known as a simple forest but is not just a normal forest this forest is stalked by a tall man probably about the size of SCP-096 or even higher. This tall man is known as "Slender Man", Slender Man is viewed as a tall man with a black suit, black necktie, white mask, black pants, and black fancy shoes.

Camera Prohibits

The prohibit use of cameras is used by civilians so well obviously they don't care about the prohibited part they pack up to get footage, but if the stalker stares into the cameras recording the eye contact is rough so he tries to break the recording flooding the footage with use of television static so the civilian cannot show it public worldwide.


An image taken in 2011 when Slender Man was spotted in the background of a playground while Slender Man is causing damage to the footage while in eye contact. (The photographer is unknown and is also not sure if the two civilians escaped alive.)

[In Progress]