The Follower

Item #:

object class: safe

Special containment procedures: scp-3914 is too be contained in a 7*7*7 ft squared room made from at least class 5 building materials. Cameras are not permitted to be in the room to observe scp-3914 or any other device that would allow any staff to see scp-3914 while not linked to a subject.

description : scp-3914 is a common snake belonging to the "Viperidae family" named "Agkistrodon contortrix" or the "Copperhead". Scp-3914 has no known difference from any other of its species on close inspection. Scp-3914's anomalous properties are activated upon being observed by any human for more than 7 seconds at a time, with an apparent preference to females. Once observed scp-3914 will make a "link" with the affected individual . Scp-3914 will begin to follow said individual, and will appear in front of the the individual every 113 meters by unknown means. not to long after exposure usually around 2-4 hours the individual will begin to show paranoia and fear among other things. This is not clear if this is an anomalous affect or simply by human nature. Killing scp-3914 has proved ineffective as scp-3914 will show back up in the next 113 meters. after 7 days of this affect subjects have reported hearing scp-3914 talk. Saying,"I am pain, I am horror." repeatedly. Any attempts by the foundation to talk to scp-3914 have proved noneffective, whether scp-3914 just refuses to speak or it simply can not.
scp-3914 affects stop only when the individual becomes deceased, or terminates themselves. No other known method has been shown to effectively get rid of scp-3914 .
To this date scp-3914 is contained in site (REDACTED).