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Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 is to be kept within a 5x5 container, with an electronic hatch, opened with a pin number, on the top compartment of said container. Personnel willing to enter the container are to be lowered down by an elevator within the chamber, leading directly into the chamber. No light is to be introduced into said container aside from testing, and it is to be inspected for any material damage with each five days.

Description: SCP-4000, in appearance, is a humanoid being of ambiguous sex, wrapped within a black cloth at all times, having a consistency similar to leather. All attempts to remove the cloth have resulted in failure, leading personnel to the conclusion that the cloth may be part of the tissue of the organism. Further research is to take place. SCP-4000 does not appear to have any facial tissue, and the cranium of the organism frequently leaks a viscous black liquid. Further analysis of the liquid has shown it is comprised of a mixture of mercury and nitric acid. While humanoid, SCP-4000 appears to be incapable of speech.

SCP-4000's anomalous effects take place when a light source over 800 lumens, is introduced. SCP-4000 will emit a wailing noise lasting from 5-120 seconds, and enter a state of distress, the body parts vibrating and shuddering. This effect seems to take place within imagery of SCP-4000 as well. After said state ends, the source of light will dissipate, and nearby electronics within a range of 20 meters will experience errors, regardless of device material, within a spectrum of connection errors to electricity up to 50,000 volts moving throughout the device, causing the electronics to combust. Viewers of this will experience sudden muscle spasms and, within a time range of 10 to 20 minutes, will begin to hallucinate. Hallucinating viewers are to be referred to as SCP-4000-1. All tests have shown said hallucinations center around the death of a nearby personnel. SCP-4000 will then appear to said personnel, and they will experience an electric current of roughly 100,000 volts, killing them. SCP-4000 will leak the mixture from its facial area, "crying" onto the ground. SCP-4000-1 will spontaneously enter a state in which life signs recover, and will walk into the puddle, submerging itself (contrary to the physical impossibility).

Addendum: Object class requires more evaluation, Keter class assigned temporarily.