Dating Aers
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WARNING: Sensitive Information Ahead

In accordance with the Mercurial Protocol, this document has been declassified. You have been asked to wield the content of this document with discretion. This file previously required both O5 and HMCL approval to view.


Site-III's entrance to SCP-001 and GoI-001 "Disciples of Eschatos"

Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Exodus

Special Containment Procedures: Full-scale containment of SCP-001 has been deemed impossible. Foundation efforts are instead focussed on the Mercurial Protocol as a viable substitute for containment. Five Sites, collectively designated Site-001, have been established near Kâhtaçay, Turkey to aid the progress of the Mercurial Protocol, each with specific, delegated roles in an attempt to complete the Mercurial Protocol before the enevitable activation of SCP-001.

Site-V is a large industrial complex and airbase containing a construction site 30,000 m2 in area. This area will be used to generate a functional model of the vehicle designed by Site-IV with an expected payload of 2.86 x1011 kg. This project is projected to be completed by March 18th, 2021. This date is currently outside of the upper bound of the predicted SCP-001 activation period. If SCP-001 activates before the completion of this project, the Overseer Council must convene to give a final ruling on Elenkhos's Proposal.

Site-IV is a Research and Development facility with Level 5 Classification Exemption. All personnel of Level-4 Clearance or greater are permitted unrestricted access to SCP objects within reason. This site is tasked with designing a viable space-faring vessel for the purposes of the Mercurial Protocol. Significant research and engineering feats must be accomplished including resolving unsolved problems in Aeronautics, Efficient Fusion1, Superconductive Materials, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, and Machine Learning. Maintenence of the veil and SCP Containment are deemed a lower priority than developing this vehicle.

Site-III was a small-scale preliminary outpost at a previously unexplored cave that has since become the de facto point-of-contact location to GoI-001, SCP-001-A, and SCP-001 proper. Site-III is additionally tasked with providing food and accommodations for Members of GoI-001. Interviews with each member of GoI-001 and SCP-001-A are to be performed on a weekly basis, and all relevant data provided to Site-IV.

Site-II is a newly-developed Public Information department with the purpose of sanitising, declassifying and releasing Foundation documentation into public media. All the details are to be presented in a manner digestible to the average citizen — the threat and scale of SCP-001 is to be accurately reported as much as possible without inciting panic. If necessary, the use of Memetic Pacification Agents and Ennui-5 are permitted. Site-II also is the Foundation's Talent Aquisition site, which is to recruit volunteer engineers, scientists, and mathematicians indiscriminately.

Site-I is the Oversight facility for all of Site-001. All 13 members of the O5 Council are to remain on-site at all times and will act in full administrative capacity without Ethics Committee veto until such a time as either the Mercurial Protocol has been completed or a final ruling on Elenkhos's Proposal has been decided.


A still frame captured from E6-1's camera during 001-Initial Exploration.

Description: SCP-001 is a colossal mass of undifferentiated and dividing cells residing below the Earth's Asthenosphere, partially submerged within the magma chamber of Karaca Dağ. Based on the depth, mass, and location of SCP-001, it is suspected that it originally came into contact with earth approximately 4.5 billion years ago, in the same event believed to be responsible for the creation of the moon.

SCP-001 is highly resistant to cytotoxic effects due to the sheer size, number, and gross structure of the anomaly. While a certain number of cells will succumb to the expected necrosis or induced apoptosis, penetration into the deeper tissue is difficult as the cells exhibit effects similar to biofilms. SCP-001 cells themselves are non-anomalous and are capable of converting intense heat into energy in a manner similar to extremophilic bacteria.

Increased growth of SCP-001 has been linked with increased seismic activity detected worldwide. The frequency and intensity of these seismic events have been increasing exponentially since 2014. Given the intensity of these seismic events, it is likely SCP-001 will be ejected through the Earth's crust within two years. Additionally, these calculations indicate that due to its size, should the mass of SCP-001 be forced through the Earth's crust, the resulting debris and volcanic ash would result in an opaque dust cloud, inevitably resulting in a GH-Class "Dead Greenhouse" Scenario as a result of trophic collapse.

The associated Group of Interest, GoI-001 "Disciples of Eschatos", was formed from agents of Neo-Sarkic and Serpent's Hand members who have come into extended contact with SCP-001-A during the attempted recovery of stolen materials. Members of GoI-001 rarely leave the vicinity of SCP-001-A, and in absence of stimuli are observed to revert to a lowered metabolic state while adopting a still, seated position. Corpses in varied states of decay have also been found within the GoI's base of operations, with carbon dating ranging the date of these corpses from approximately 400 BC to present.

SCP-001-A is a human male who claims to have a direct connection with SCP-001 itself. Further research is ongoing.