Item #: SCP-6000
Object Class: Uncontainable/Tiamat
Site Responsible: AVSNTS Site-40
Director: Allan Tibbals
Research Head: Kate Lloyd
Assigned Task Force: MTF Omicron-40
Level 4/6000


Hong Kong, 12 minutes prior to being destroyed by SCP-6000.


Rock art depicting SCP-6000. Carbon dating places it as being made approximately 60,000 years ago.

Item #: 6000

Object Class: Uncontainable/ Tiamat

Special Containment Procedures:
Despite the best efforts of the Foundation, SCP-6000 remains uncontainable until such a time that drastically more powerful containment measures are made available, or SCP-6000 returns to an inactive state of its own accord. As such, current containment procedures revolve around the preparation for such a time, and minimising collateral damage caused by its current state.

SCP-6000 is to be constantly monitored via remaining functional satellite imagery, with satellite arrays to be appropriated from world governments if necessary. Constant reports of its location, direction, speed and activities are to be provided at all times to better aid global task forces in the evacuation of populations from likely attack sites and impact zones. Due to the volume of casualties, civilians with better chances are the prioritised at the discretion of task force members on the ground. Aid shelters and temporary housing are to be provided in rural, remote and off the grid areas including small towns, Foundation containment sites, and settlements previously attacked by SCP-6000.

To avoid drawing the attention of SCP-6000, all foundation sites are to minimise pollution and carbon emissions as best as possible, with the aim of switching to solar, geothermal or nuclear power as soon as is feasible. Research into the most effective anomalous containment measures and weaponry possible is to be carried out on Foundation and Global Occult Coalition sites globally, with both organisations to collaborate on these projects. Amnestic production has been increased by 230% in order to return the worlds unawareness of the veil following SCP-6000's successful containment.

SCP-6000 is a massive serpentine entity of variable size, measuring between 0.2 and 1900km in length, with mass proportional to its current length. While its physiology varies from resembling various Australian ophidians, its colouration has consistently been primarily black with dull prismatic stripes running vertically down its length, with a pale underbelly. SCP-6000 posseses a pair of horns and a larger array of teeth, more than what would be expected or biologically possible in non-anamolous ophidians. Horns feature thousands of engraved depictions of wildlife.

SCP-6000 is observed to move at abnormally fast speeds, often in excess of 1,200kph on land and 2,800kph underwater. This movement often creates large rifts in the terrain, and tsunamis in the water, along with sonic concussions both in and out of the water. SCP-6000 exhibits strength and durability far beyond what it's proportions would suggest, having bite force strong enough to crush KEY Units, destroy mountains and throw itself into the upper troposphere. It is able to fly at this altitude in a fashion similar to swimming.

By maintaining consciousness, SCP-6000 is able to alter weather patterns and atmospheric conditions on a global scale at will, primarily by exerting a mild cooling effect on the earth’s average temperature by 2 degrees Celcius. This effect varies in intensity and effect locally, with the most significant changes being intensified snowfall in glacial areas and poles, increased rainfall in arid areas, and severe thunderstorms globally.

The most directly threatening use of SCP-6000's ability to control weather conditions is when directly within its line of sight, often in response to outside stimulus or its theoretical emotional state. This most commonly takes the form of severe thunderstorms, hurricane generation, torrential rain and the generation of extremely large waves. It uses this ability primarily as a form of offense in an area, typically striking cities, mines and power plants with severe weather events before striking physically. Rain generated in this form has been observed to spontaneously generate plant life within its area of effect. This flora has been observed to grow extremely rapidly, and is at times hostile to human life.

SCP-6000 possesses several powerful anomalous qualities regarding itself. Thaumaturgical scans have shown that SCP-6000 is simultaneously tangible and intangible, which has been observed at times of attack1. It often uses this ability when swallowing organic materials, primarily animals, while avoiding swallowing earth or buildings. SCP-6000 is known to consume living human persons when besieging populated areas, and is often observed regurgitating various fauna local to the immediate area; it is assumed that it transfigures humans into these animals.

Addendum 6000-1:

Addendum 6000-2:

Early behaviour of SCP-6000.

Initially, SCP-6000 remained airborne within these thunderstorms, which progressively expanded in area and began appearing further and further from the location of its origin point. Foundation monitors quickly realised that the anomalous rains formed by SCP-6000 were mainly forming above areas affected by desertification and deforestation. During the initial phase of SCP-6000 remaining within Australian borders, these storms covered thousands of square kilometres of farmland, forests, residential areas and cities. This was accompanied by large scale destruction of property as large trees displaced structures.

Multiple Foundation sites were mobilized to aid in the search, rescue and relocation efforts in aid of those affected by the event, with Global Occult Coalition forces offering support. Meanwhile, multiple unsuccessful efforts were made by the Foundation to neutralise SCP-6000, which had been determined to be the logical cause of these events. These attempts were typically met with violence from SCP-6000, often in the form of lightning strike or bites. It was during one of these failed attempts that SCP-6000 was first observed to attack a human settlement.

On the 27/3/2020, SCP-6000 directly attacked the city of Canberra. At 10:47AM intense thunderstorms formed over the city, with wind speeds measuring over 140kph. This was promptly followed by SCP-6000 descending from the cloud canopy and making landfall, having attained an unknown size and mass. It proceeded to strike and bite the ground across the city, swallowing a great measure of infrastructure as well as the city's inhabitants. Notably, SCP-6000 targeted Parliament house in particular, flinging most of the building and its occupants into the air with extreme force, with some debris and individuals2 later being seen orbiting earth. This attack prompted response from multiple Foundation Mobile Task forces, including both Eta-5 ("Jäeger Bombers") and Tau-5 ("Samsara"), but by time of arrival SCP-6000 had departed and 74% of Canberra had been destroyed, with 197,728 persons missing. No dead bodies were found, and survivors were subjected to mass amnesticisation with the cover story of an asteroid impact.

Despite renewed efforts from both the Foundation and the GOC to neutralise, redirect or otherwise contain SCP-6000, it continued to attack human settlements, largely targeting cities, mines, areas of intense pollution and coal fire power plants. Each of these attacks resulted in the majority of the population of a given area being consumed by SCP-6000, with surviving CCTV footage showing SCP-6000 to be simultaneously tangible and intangible as it visibly phased through structures believed to have been deliberately left intact by the entity. Following these attacks, SCP-6000 has always been observed to travel to remote locations and regurgitate consumed materials. Ensuing investigation into these sightings showed drastically increased wildlife populations in areas where SCP-6000 was seen to vomit, as well as increased fertility in the soil.

Due to the scale of the damage caused by SCP-6000, survivors began to be housed in safer areas of locations previously attacked by SCP-6000. Temporary power sources became necessary on a large scale, due to the disruption to power grids, with many turning to solar power. During resettlement, many survivors and Foundation staff reported a large increase in the populations of native wildlife, which did not interfere in resettlement efforts.

In late February, the Foundation, the Global Occult Coalition, Marshall Carter and Dark Ltd., and a major sect of the Church of the Broken God came to a truce so as to determine a method of control and containment of SCP-6000. A think tank was organized involving various experts from across the aforementioned organizations to try and establish a working theory of the nature of 6000. Each group independently presented noteworthy similarities between SCP-6000 and Australian Aboriginal dreamtime stories of the 'Rainbow Serpent'. Research into all available folklore and consultation with relevant unaffiliated persons was initiated with the goal to find a ritual or other avenue of interference that could be used in the containment of the entity.(edited)

Parallel with the think tank, the Foundation and Global Occult Coalition began expedited development of experimental weaponry, designed with assumptions that SCP-6000 shared metaphysical similarities with [DATA REDACTED]. This project came to be known as Project MONGOOSE.

Addendum 6000-3:

You are viewing the early history of SCP-6000. For further developments see HERE