Project MONGOOSE: An overview.


Following the emergence of SCP-6000, multiple attempts at containment were made. Conventional means were quickly proven useless, and shortly afterwards so were even high level Foundation devices. HECOR bounced off of its hide. Class-Σ auto cannon fire passed through it. Scantron Reality Anchor derived devices had no effect. The KEY units that proved so effective against LSA's were at best bulldozed, and at worst totally ignored. In short, the Foundation needed a new weapon. Whether it would allow for SCP-6000's containment or its neutralisation was deemed irrelevant.

To this end, the Foundation reached out to the Global Occult Coalition, whose prowess at killing anomalous entities was famed, feared and even hated throughout the anomalous community. Given the highly visible nature of SCP-6000, the GOC was already aware of the entity and were already working towards its neutralisation. They were receptive towards a collaboration, and development soon began at both Site-19 and the GOC Advanced Weaponry Facility in Colorado, USA.

Numerous resources were used, both mundane and anomalous. As SCP-6000 began to move over larger portions of the globe, development became increasingly desperate. Both Marshall Carter and Dark Ltd. and Church of the Broken God assets were recruited and used in the construction of the device, in addition to the combined resources of the GOC and the Foundation. This collaboration led to what has become known as Project MONGOOSE, a long range Charged Particle Emitter that draws on thaumaturgical, ████████ and reverse siphoned hume energies to produce a devastating directed blast.

It was agreed that the GOC would manufacture the Charged Particle Emitter, while the Foundation would manufacture the barrel and focusing rings necessary to amplify and control the beam. Specialists from the CotBG aided both parties in the construction of these elements. Each site produced a smaller prototype for the purposes of testing, with one of these prototypes being fired at SCP-6000 during Incident-6000-Beijing.

As of the 23/11/2020, SCP-6000 has expanded its area of operation to encompass the entire globe. Multiple attacks within the Americas are being reported daily, and Project MONGOOSE has been completed. Due to the prototypes charge sequence causing the annihilation of all life forms within a 444m radius of it, all components have been fitted, mounted aboard a GOC Class-Lincoln Satellite and launched into orbit, from where it will be fired remotely.

Due to the immense energy requirements and complex reactions, Orbital Project MONGOOSE requires 444 seconds to fire after the location has been locked. As such, it is now the Foundations responsibility to fire Orbital Project MONGOOSE at SCP-6000 when an opportunity arises, with all efforts being made to create such a window of opportunity.

SCP-6000 Global behaviour patterns.

Following Incident 6000-Beijing SCP-6000 was not seen for a period of nine days, remaining submerged in the world’s oceans. An overall improvement in the health of coral reefs was detected, and numerous vessels were lost at sea in hurricanes and squalls. At this time remaining governments have taken shelter in subterranean bunkers, and a joint effort between the Foundation and the GOC has been working towards relocating and safely housing survivors of attacks by the entity, with both organizations producing food, medicine and power via anomalous means.

During this time, SCP-6000 was detected beneath the Arctic ice pack. Pack ice could be seen thickening and expanding with the naked eye, returning to pre-1948 levels within two days. It then proceeded to circle an area slightly outside the Arctic Circle and portions of northern Siberia, Canada and Alaska, consuming large numbers of livestock and humans. Reports of flora and fauna lost during the quaternary extinction event appearing within these areas were proven correct through multiple satellite images. Glaciation rates in this area increased to a large degree, in some cases expanding over towns and a subterranean Foundation Site. Despite multiple attempts to target SCP-6000 with Orbital Project MONGOOSE, the entity proved too mobile for a lock to be made.

SCP-6000 then shifted its focus to the Americas, causing widespread rainstorms, plant growth and reintroduction of endangered and extinct species coinciding with mass disappearances of civilian populations within densely populated cities throughout much of South America, with a particularly large portion of time and activity centred on the Amazon Rainforest. The entity was observed to move over much of the Americas, changing direction seemingly at random but following the established pattern of targeting large urban centers and environmentally damaging installations. Of note, The entity was first seen in the United States of America when it attacked Washington DC via the Potomac river. It was observed to actively engage with military forces by roaring and vocalising at them before striking them with lightning. The attack took place over a 40 minute period, were it proceeded to consume large portions of the city. Attempts to evacuate the US President and staff failed when the Presidential Emergency Operations Center1 was flooded when SCP-6000 caused the Potomac river to flood much of the city ruins.

SCP-6000 continued in this fashion over much of the United states, Mexico and Canada striking particularly hard at large cities such as Toronto, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York City, Ottawa and La Paz. Enormous stretches of land2 were converted to forest by anomalous rainfall generated by SCP-6000, with large numbers of people and animals being consumed and regurgitated by the entity. Of note, disruption to the United States power grid by SCP-6000 triggered the cascade failures of numerous nuclear power plants, necessitating Foundation and GOC intervention to prevent multiple nuclear meltdowns from occurring.

Foundation historians and archaeologists have conducted extensive research into Australian Aboriginal mythology, particularly in regards to the Rainbow Serpent. It is now believed that oral dreamtime stories passed down over millennia refer to confrontations with SCP-6000, and that the entity has attacked humanity before. These attacks have been proceeded by periods of environmental instability, and were often resolved by various rituals, abandonment of environmentally damaging practices, or in some cases by "Guardian Spirits3" engaging the Rainbow Serpent in battle. Should project MONGOOSE fail, the Foundation must consider influencing a significant shift in the way in which modern civilization functions so as to not draw the attention of SCP-6000 until containment becomes possible. The prospect of seeking out one of these protector spirits4 to intervene on behalf of the Foundation is also being considered.

At this state, SCP-6000s range is to be considered global. Foundation and GOC political ambassadors are encouraging world governments to limit military activity, and to move their populations outside of urban areas. Areas not targeted by SCP-6000 have been prioritized as temporary resettlement locations, and efforts are being made to safely provide housing for the world’s population without drawing the attention of SCP-6000.

Activation of Project MONGOOSE.


Aerial shot of the GOC AWF. Note the enterance tunnel beside the parking lot.

After a period of forty nine days of activity over the Americas with no opportunity to activate Orbital Project MONGOOSE, SCP-6000 began displaying interest in numerous Foundation and GOC facilities. The entity would often circle Sites, but not approach for unknown reasons. It was during one of these events on the 23/12/2020 that SCP-6000 began examining Global Occult Coalition Advanced Weaponry Facility, one of the two locations where Project MONGOOSE was developed.

At 4:37PM SCP-6000 began to investigate the Advanced Weapons Facility, exhibiting signs of agitation. Satellite imaging showed the facility enter a lock down, with multiple weapons platforms5 being activated. It was at this time that the O5 Council voted 8-5 to fire Orbital Project MONGOOSE upon both SCP-6000 and the Advanced Weapons facility.

The following is a log of the ensuing events.


DATE: 23/12/2020

NOTE: The following events were captured via satellite imagery aboard various Foundation Monitoring Satellites as well as cameras mounted aboard the Orbital Project MONGOOSE satellite platform.


4:38pm: SCP-6000 can be seen circling the GOC Advanced Weapons Facility (AWF) on the ground, appearing increasingly agitated. The AWF has initiated a lockdown, with multiple weapons platforms tracking the entity. Of note is a Project MONGOOSE Prototype, which appears to be charged and ready to fire.

4:38pm: Orbital Project MONGOOSE is activated and begins its charging sequence. Guidance rails and focusing rings can be seen moving into position as the barrel system aims at both the AWF and SCP-6000. Green light and wailing vocalisations begin emitting from the device, causing numerous visual glitches and illusions to appear on footage acquired from on board cameras6. GOC access to Orbital Project MONGOOSE is blocked.

4:39pm: The GOC attempts to contact Site-19, but are ignored. Multiple attempts to access Project MONGOOSE are detected and blocked. Diplomatic ambassadors are sent to meeting sites to ensure GOC cooperation.

4:39pm: SCP-6000 vocalises loudly and continues circling the Site, seeming to direct the vocalisations at the AWF.

4:40pm: Movement from SCP-6000 causes a portion of the AWFs exterior to separate from the surrounding mountainside, resulting an unidentified weapons platform mounted to this region to fire prematurely. The projectile impacts SCP-6000s tail and detonates violently but causes no damage to the entity.

4:40pm: SCP-6000 ceases vocalising at the AWF for a moment before roaring and coiling back into a striking position. Multiple weapons platforms begin firing at the entity, and numerous shielding devices can be seen activating. Wind speeds immediately increase drastically and rainstorms spontaneously generate.

4:41pm: Orbital Project MONGOOSE begins emitting pulses of energy as it enters its criticality stage

4:41pm: SCP-6000 strikes at the AWF, destroying a large portion of the mountainside which the Site is housed in. The AWF MONGOOSE Prototype fires at SCP-6000 with a sustained beam following the entities movements. The beam can be seen visibly irritating SCP-6000s skin on contact, and causes it to recoil and begin dodging the beam, vocalising loudly and staring at the prototype.

4:42pm: Multiple energy pulses are seen emitting from the AWF's MONGOOSE prototype, annihilating all vegetation within 200m of the weapon. Multiple lightning bolts strike at the Site, but are redirected by GOC shield generators. SCP-6000 attempts to fling large portions of earth and rock toward the MONGOOSE prototype with its tail, but is unsuccessful due to the sites shielding system. SCP-6000 continues to move evasively.

4:43pm: Following several seconds of uninterrupted impact from the MONGOOSE Prototype, SCP-6000 roars and emits a stream of multicoloured energy from its mouth toward the prototype, causing it to misfire and re-enter a charging phase. SCP-6000 proceeds to wrap around the mountain and strike down at the MONGOOSE prototype, resulting in a massive energy discharge. This discharge is largely negated by remaining shielding devices.

4:43pm: Orbital Project MONGOOSE readies to fire.

4:44pm: SCP-6000 continues to strike down at the AWF, breaching the top of the facility. GOC operatives can be seen within attempting to evacuate the facility, with some directing small arms fire at the entity. SCP-6000 roars and rears back in preparation for another strike.

4:44pm: Orbital Project MONGOOSE fires a sustained beam, with resultant vocalisations7 being heard by surrounding satellites and in a 44km radius of the AWF. SCP-6000 raises its head toward the source of the noise, and is engulfed in the beam along with the AWF. The beams impact annihilates the AWF, with the weapons energy flood and negative hume field disintegrating all life forms within a 444km radius.


GOC AWF Site six weeks after the firing of Project MONGOOSE.

4:47pm: Orbital Project MONGOOSE ceases firing on the orders of the O5 Council. The GOC AWF and surrounding mountains have been completely destroyed, with a large crater having been formed by the beams impact. SCP-6000 can be seen within the crater and surrounding areas of devastation, displaying moderate burns over much of its body.

4:47pm: SCP-6000 rises from the ground and roars, displaying extreme signs of rage, and the burns to its scales can be seen healing rapidly. Rainfall and wind speed intensifies, and the entity begins to rapidly expand and coil around itself, looking upwards. Visual contact is lost as storm clouds thicken. The O5 Council orders Orbital Project MONGOOSE to fire again.

4:47pm: Orbital Project MONGOOSE fires a second sustained beam at SCP-6000, clearing much of the generated storm clouds. SCP-6000 can be seen struggling against the beam and coiling on the ground before rapidly launching itself upwards.

4:48pm: SCP-6000's head approaches Orbital Project MONGOOSE. Firing ceases automatically as proximity sensors detect an imminent collision with the entity. SCP-6000 proceeds to grab the Project MONGOOSE satellite platform within its mouth, causing catastrophic damage to the MONGOOSE before falling back down to the upper troposphere and rapidly approaching Site-19.


Following the failure of Project MONGOOSE, all contact with Site-19 was lost. Later assessment discovered that the upper levels of the Site had suffered catastrophic damage; in keeping with SCP-6000's pattern of devastation, the upper six levels had collapsed and been strangled by extremely robust vegetation. A majority of the structure's upper floors had been displaced, with the remains of Project MONGOOSE largely annihilated.

Multiple Safe and Euclid class SCP objects had breached containment, being either destroyed in the event or still currently missing. The lower levels of the Site remain uncompromised.

Rescue efforts following the attack were able to evacuate ██% of surviving staff. The following statement was provided by Site technician ██████ Wagner.

I, uh, I was working on a broken fast access cart, down in Euclid block. All the lights went red and the alarms were going off, so I rolled out from underneath and started running to the shelters. You know, pretty standard stuff. I thought it was a containment breach, yeah? Then the banging and the explosions started. It felt like an earthquake, everything was shaking; you could hear the upper levels caving in, even. I was so busy looking at the supports that I didn't watch my feet, and I fell, got trampled pretty bad. The bulkhead shut before I could get into the shelter and I was fucked.

I ran down to the workshop, there was an LSA attack vehicle there with shit brakes. I Jumped in, held my hands over my ears and watched the security feed before it went down. It felt like I was watching the end of the world, that fucking snake had crushed the whole eastern compound, thrown a satellite or some shit into the admin ward. All the guns and missiles were unloading on it and it was like trying to put out a wildfire with a water balloon. I saw it scream on the video, I heard it all the way down. 23, 24 floors down. Ruptured both my eardrums. Then it started blasting us with that rainbow lightning, the feed cut out and the roof collapsed. Water started pouring in and I thought I was going to drown. I'm glad it started draining down to one of the lower levels. I could hear the people in the bunker screaming, something had gotten in there with them. I don't want to know what.

Then just like that there was another quake and it had gone. MTFs rolled in not long after, rescued those of us who'd survived, got started on getting the scips back in their cells. Heard a lot of the D-Class guys helped with the rescuing. I'm just glad it didn't try and dig down to the rest of the site.

Following rescue and excavation efforts, it was determined through witness interviews that SCP-6000 had attacked Site-19 largely the use of the same energy seen in Beijing and the GOC AWF, throwing Orbital Project MONGOOSE at the Sites Administrative wing, and by physically landing on the eastern compound before striking at the main site. This was confirmed by the recovery of the GUARDIAN AI8 Log, which documented the AIs attempts to defend the Site from SCP-6000.

Addendum 6000-5:

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