Item #: SCP-6000
Object Class: Keter
Site Responsible: AVSNTS Provisional Site-6000
Director: Kate Lloyd
Research Head: Monaro Neidjie
Assigned Task Force: MTF Omicron-40
Level 4/6000


Provisional Site-6000s containment area.


Rock art depicting SCP-6000. Carbon dating places it as being made approximately 60,000 years ago.

Item #: 6000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
The portion of Wollemi National Park containing SCP-6000, a recently formed lake over a subterranean cavern with an approximate diameter of 450m is to be restricted from public access. Under no circumstance may civilian or governmental individuals enter the containment area. Should this occur, all persons involved are be detained, questioned and amnesticised before being released.

A total of 27 Lloyd-Tibbals Consciousness Nullification Devices1 have been installed around the perimeter of the containment area at a depth of 4-28m in an effort to ensue SCP-6000 does not exit its hibernation. Provisional Site-6000 has been constructed within the containment area for the maintenance and operation of the devices.

To further ensure SCP-6000 does not breach containment, the Foundation is to continue to encourage world governments to limit expansion into wilderness areas. All human activity within these areas must be as non-destructive as possible. To ensure this, the new modern culture has adopted appropriate trends and practices under the covert guidance of the Foundation.

A joint effort between the Foundation, the Global Occult Coalition and the Manna Charitable Foundation has been established to anomalously produce food, construction and technological materials rendered impractical to produce conventionally by these Containment Procedures.


SCP-6000 is an extremely large serpentine entity currently measuring approximately 700km in length and 1.3x1017kg in weight, currently in a state of hibernation within a submerged cavern located in the area of Wollemi National Park, located in NSW, Australia. SCP-6000's appearance has been noted to shift in the past, and currently resembles an extremely large Oxyuranus scutellatus (Common Taipan) with features of Morelia spilota (Carpet Python). Its colouration has consistently been primarily black with dull prismatic stripes running vertically down its length, with a pale underbelly. SCP-6000 possesses a pair of curved bone or ivory horns and far larger and more numerous teeth that what is seen in non anomalous snakes. Horns feature thousands of engraved depictions of wildlife.

SCP-6000's physical capabilities have been extensively observed and studied. It is capable of exceptionally rapid movement, up to 2,700kph on land and far greater in aquatic or airborne environments. This movement often creates large rifts in the terrain, and tsunamis in the water. SCP-6000 exhibits strength and durability far beyond what it's proportions would suggest, able to exert bite forces powerful enough to crush anomalously hardened bunkers, destroy mountains via bodily impact and leap into the lower exosphere. It is able to fly within the upper troposphere in a fashion similar to swimming. Due to a paradoxical physiology, SCP-6000 is simultaneously tangible and intangible. This renders it largely impervious to conventional physical harm, with only several minutes of concentrated fire by Project MONGOOSE having been seen to superficially injure the entity.

SCP-6000 displayed a compelling and direct influence over the natural world, up to and including a clear influence over the behaviour of wild animals. During the latter parts of it's previous activity, attacks by various large and small fauna on humans were common; these attacks often involved multiple disparate species working in tandem, until apparently satisfied. This behaviour has continued under specific circumstances after SCP-6000's hibernation, universally involving aggressive habitat expansion or activities such as recreational hunting acting as catalysts.

It is extremely probable that any future conscious activity on the part of SCP-6000 may lead to the extinction of human civilisation. For this reason, for the survival of society, it must remain asleep.