SCP-NaN - Axiomitic Facility (Fragment 1)

The following documents were recovered from SCP-4153’s database after an incursion into the facility resulted in numerous documents detailing the facility’s structure, containment catalogue, and its ex-personnel roster, as well as detailing the incidents that resulted in SCP-4153’s current state. Files are listed below in chronological order by logged date created on SCP-4153’s database; further details of recovery and status at time of recovery can be found in the exploration logs.

DOCUMENTS TAGGED scp-4153-recovery:

►researcher_pentti_personal_log-4.mp4 !STATUS: file_not_found!
►researcher_pentti_personal_log-5.mp4 !STATUS: file_not_found!
►researcher_pentti_personal_log-6.mp4 !STATUS: file_not_found!
►researcher_pentti_personal_log-7.mp4 !STATUS: file_not_found!

DOCUMENTS TAGGED scp-4153-exploration: