Trilobite 0 0

The water is cold, and the world is dark.

The pairs of lobes that run down each side of your body undulate gently, propelling you through the water. Your jaws twitch, desperate for their next meal of nutritious justice. The pair of cutting-edge radar arrays embedded into the bits where your eyes should be rotate and beep ominously, echoing a warning far into the water.

You are Gunhead Anomalocaris, Slayer of Trilobites, and you are on the hunt! On the hunt for evil trilobites that are so evil and plague the world by generally existing.

The ocean floor is mapped out under your mechanical gaze as infrared signals ping back and forth from your head-mounted technological array. Spots of heat are clearly visible at distances from which whatever is making them would have no chance of seeing you.

You propel yourself forwards.

Above you, swarms of fish produce a cavalcade of colour in the IR spectrum. Below you, the cold earth is a dark abyss. You keep your sensors pointed downwards and your focus trained.

A spot of light appears in the distance.