Project Happiness v2

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All communications that are relayed by SCP-XXX are to be intercepted and documented. All phone numbers pertaining to SCP-XXX are to be blocked. A disinformation campaign is to be propagated among telephone companies regarding SCP-XXX. Under no circumstances that SCP-XXX be contacted for any reason.
Description: SCP-XXX is also known by the name of Boothworld Industries. Thought to be established in [REDACTED], London in the early 1800’s. They can be reached at [REDACTED]. As of current documentation, field agents have failed to properly establish SCP-XXX’s current location. Intercepted and wiretapped calls point to over a thousand areas which bear knows significance.
SCP-XXX’s services highlight on “remodeling” an individual. A person who reaches SCP-XXX is greeted by a female voice that would be similar to those of call centers. SCP-XXX would be asking for a name. Upon giving one, SCP-XXX would be informing the person of a scheduled “remodeling” and an option to reschedule. Fictitious names are not accepted as well as names of individuals not related to the caller. Should the caller agree to the “remodeling” process, SCP-XXX will give an option for a courtesy call.
Upon reaching the date of the appointment, SCP-XXX will contact the caller and play a courtesy call. A pre-recorded message of the “remodeling” process being carried out. Further investigation points at “remodeling.” Refers to the termination of the individual that the caller specified. The following logs are documented conversations of SCP-XXX.

Addendum SCP-XXX-1: First Contact

Description: Two Class-D, 4325 and 4322 Personnel dial SCP-XXX's number. Confirmed relationship of the two to be friends. Officiating researcher, Dr. Mallock

Class-D 4325: So, I should dial this number?

Dr. Mallock : Yes, not to worry. It is just a customer service hotline.

Class-D 4325: Okay, here it goes.

Class-D 4325 Dials the number. A voice connects that immediately says please hold for the next available operator. A karaoke MIDI plays in the background for a few minutes until another voice came on the line.

SCP-XXX: Welcome to Boothworld Industries. My name is Nicole and I will be your operator today. Name?

Class-D: Uhm…my name? This is [REDACTED]

SCP-XXX: We are well aware of who you are sir. I am your operator. Please give me access.

Class-D 4325: Briefly covers the speaking end of the phone. I don't understand Doctor. What name should I give her?

Dr. Mallock : Just continue and for now, say a made-up name.

Class-D 4325: Uhm…Alright, its .[REDACTED]

SCP-XXX: Might I remind you that fictious names or the names of people that you don't know cannot be used.

Class-D 4325: Used for what?

SCP-XXX: Remodeling.

Class-D 4325: Remodeling? I'm afraid I don't understand.

The line goes silent for a few seconds.

SCP-XXX: Welcome to Boothworld Industries. My name is Nicole and I will be your operator today. Name?

Dr. Mallock: Now, give the name of your friend.

Class-D 4325: Covers the speaking end of the phone. Eh? Uhm…I'm not too sure about this, Doctor.

Dr. Mallock : Don't worry. We will make sure that nothing will happen to him.

Class-D 4325: Okay. Its

For a 5 minutes, a clicking of the keyboard is heard. A faint pounding sound is with it, like fists being banged on the table. After 5 minutes, the woman returns on the line.

SCP-XXX: .Remodeling is scheduled for [REDACTED], 2017 at 3 PM. Would you like to reschedule?

Class-D 4325: Covers up the speaking end of the phone. That's a few hours from now doctor. What should I do?

Dr. Mallock : Just tell the woman no. Rest assured that everything will be fine.

Class-D 4325 tells the operator that he doesn't want a reschedule.

SCP-XXX: Fantastic. Would you like a courtesy call?

Class-D 4325: Yes but I don't under-

SCP-XXX: Excellent. We at Boothworld Industries give our thanks and we would like to welcome you to our club. May you have a great rest of your day.

After communicating with SCP-XXX, Class-D 4325 is sent back to his private quarters. Class-D 4322's living quarters are then installed with security cameras and four security personnel armed with automatic machine guns are to guard the entrance to his room to prevent any unauthorized entry.

Upon the stated remodeling schedule by SCP-XXX of Clas-D 4322, loud explosions are immediately heard within Class-D 4322's quaters Security cameras feeds become severly static. Security personnel guarding the entrance attempts to enter the room but was unable to do. More explosions and sounds of crying can be heard for a ten minutes until security personnel was able to enter the room only to find Class-D 4322's body [REDACTED] and the installed security cameras lenses' shattered. A prevalent smell of [REDACTED] permeates the entire room.