SCP-4000: The Great Communicator

Item #SCP-4000

Object Class Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 is to be kept in a personalized concrete containment room adorning a working bathroom, living room, dinning area and dumbwaiter. The containment room is to be placed approximately 30 feet below the surface of the facilities normal containment area. The room is to be fashioned with hyperbolic Microphones on each corner of the room and a person sized sound-proof black shipping box. The Microphones are to be one way only.

The room is to be fashioned with a single red button near the The Subjects bed. The button is used to service The Subject when he needs accommodations or help. No one in any circumstance is to enter SCP-4000s room via the dumbwaiter. If The Subject needs to be questioned or tested in anyway staff must communicate via writing sent back and fourth through the dumbwaiter. If SCP-4000 needs to be moved for testing he is to step into the shipping box and be lifted to the normal containment area.

Description SCP-4000 is a Caucasian Human Male of 19 years of age. It's birth name is "██████ ███ ██████" and is 5' 11" with green eyes and dark brown hair. SCP-4000 is thin with lean arms, legs, and fingers. SCP-4000's only possession is a pair of glasses. SCP-4000s disposition is oddly comfortable dispite being contained completely. It has a dark sense of humor and often makes Anarchist remarks. SCP-4000 has a sour disposition against other humans

SCP-4000s "IQ" tests continuously score in the range of 150-200. SCP-4000 is a genius by every stretch of the word. Dispite the IQ The Subject speaks very arrogantly and often gives contrived or over explained answers to questions.

SCP-4000 was later found to have the ability of gaining "complete mental control" of victims through three sensory means. Sight, Sound, and taste. SCP-4000 will put images and overbearing thoughts into its victims minds telling them to do whatever SCP-4000 needs them to do. SCP-4000 needs only access to one of the above mentioned senses to place the thought into their heads. they will now be considered "SCP-4000-01" As of now there are no known ways to rid "SCP-4000-01" of these thoughts. "SCP-4000-01" will carry out the mission SCP-4000 gives them with absolute certainty. the only thing that can be done is to terminate the controlled victim.

SCP-4000s effect is instantaneous, the second The subject ether looks into your eyes, gets its voice in your ears, or even licks you SCP-4000's will will be embedded into you. He is to be considered very dangers. It is unknown at this time how SCP-4000s abilities work so more testing is required.

Addendum SCP-4000 was Apprehended by the recon team on "7/14/17" at 3:25 AM via long range injection of horse tranquilizer. SCP-4000 was staked for many months under the assignment of miss.████. Recon agents reported seeing SCP-4000 emerge from strangers homes adorning their valuables and clothing. The residents seemed apathetic and unaffected by the things SCP-4000 was doing. SCP-4000 did not appear to have a home, instead, SCP-4000 would just sleep at different peoples homes. SCP-4000 was spotted taking food and very pretty females from restaurants often.

Document #4000-Log 10: Interview page 10 "█/█/17"

Dr. ██████ :(Writing on Paper) When did you first learn you had these abilities?

SCP-4000: (writing on paper) At birth I assume.

Dr. ██████: Do you dislike humanity?

SCP-4000: Yes. I find only pleasure in taking advantage of you. As you find pleasure in taking advantage of me.

Dr. ██████: Do you believe your powers can work on robots, even though they lack a soul?

SCP-4000: Such a simple minded creature. A soul is created when one has the ability to make choice, no mater how simple or plain. I can not make a vending machine drop candy when I wish it to, no. Expose me to something advanced. And you will get your answer.

Dr. ██████: Why did you kill that boy?

SCP-4000: Now that is an excellent question.

Document #4000-Log 10 end: My thoughts on our first interview are as stated, SCP-4000 gives me a since of extreme unease. showing him to one of our robot SCP's ESPECIALLY SCP-079, is a bad idea. But, I know you. You'll want to see what happens. All I can say is that its a bad idea.

Document #4000-Log 26 Interview page 26 "█/██/18"

Dr.██████: How are you doing today?

SCP-4000: I should be asking that question. Considering the breach last week.

Dr.██████: How do you know about that?

SCP-4000: It's not hard you fool. As long as I exist with means to communicate I will always know whats happening. I could help SCP. You know that.

Dr.██████:Don't try to play me 4000. I'm not as dumb as you think I am.

SCP-4000: Just you wait. I'll prove just how stupid our pathetic species is. There are far more advanced creatures in this facility. I can't wait to be associated with them. Just keep that damn mask away from me.

Dr.██████:there's no way were letting anything near you. Don't you worry.

SCP-4000: Yha, because I can totally trust the Foundation with keeping their toys locked away.

Document #4000-Log 26 end: There is no way he should've been able to gain that information. Everyone in the last month should undergo extensive questioning. He's just as arrogant as ever. No sign of passivization. I do not recommend him talking to other SCP's.

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