Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the non-hazardous effects imposed by SCP XXXX, no extreme measures for containment are needed. It is currently being held in safe object storage room 25 at Site-30. Any personnel requesting use of SCP XXXX should be stopped unless permission is granted by site administrations. SCP XXXX should be th

Description: SCP XXXX is a basic 3x5 household bath tub with a base composed of white porcelain and the water faucet, hot and cold handles, and water outlet made of steel. SCP XXXX's currently known anomalous capabilities manifest when any living thing submerges itself in the bathtub and closes their eyes for 3-7 seconds (time needed varies for different species). Upon doing so, whatever was inside the tub will then teleport to random parts of the Atlantic ocean, usually extremely deep at around 7000 metres depth. For unknown reason these personnel do not immediately succumb to the harsh pressure and temperature at such deep areas, neither do they drown, speech is still impossible unless they are given the space and oxygen needed to produce vocal sounds.

Due to the distressing nature of the aforementioned effects, human experimentation cannot yield much useful information before the testee becomes unresponsive.

Test XXXX/001
Overseer: Dr [CENSORED] Kennedy
Tested: D-7816 and SCP-XXXX
[D-7816 has knowledge of swimming, having done scuba diving before apprehension,]

[SCP XXXX is filled to the brim with mineral water]

D-7816 submerges himself in the water by command of Dr and counts to three before dissapearing,

[D-7816 thrashes about in the water, bumps can be heard on his suit from his own hands and limbs flailing]

[D-7816]: Oh god Doc where am I get me out please

[Dr Kennedy]: D-7816 calm down we have this un-

[D-7816]: I didnt do anything to deserve this what the hell oh my god you white jacket expletive help me