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Sanctuaries for Burning Men

Item #: XXXX

Class: Euclid

Revision 41 to Dai-Foundation Mission Statement

Throughout the Foundation’s countless years dealing with the profoundly odd occurrences of this Earth and others, it has happened upon many opportunities to expand its abilities, reach, and understanding. This is one such opportunity.
- Site Manager, Samuel J. Richter's 1997 address to the Foundation Projects Committee

Given recent developments regarding the Foundation's relationship with SCP-XXXX-1, an address to the Foundation's intentions within SCP-XXXX is necessary. All changes to Foundation conduct and operations have been approved by O5 Council and all standing SCP-XXXX Executives.The Foundation intends to maintain mutually-beneficial cooperation to the best of its ability.
For a full transcript of all proposed changes, see
Information Chain: AD-3,
Conduct and Operations Manuscript: 41

May the flame burn.

Containment Procedures:
Surrounding each SCP-XXXX instance, provisional sites are maintained to house personnel and facilitate Foundation operations while concealing all such SCP-XXXX from the public eye. At least a five-kilometer buffer shall be kept between the outermost borders of SCP-XXXX and civilian populations. This buffer zone is to be regularly patrolled by security personnel as to prevent the distribution of SCP-XXXX-1 instances beyond their designated sites. Civilians are to be turned away by security personnel upon entering the buffer. Unauthorized observation of SCP-XXXX instances and related phenomena is grounds for immediate arrest and application of class A amnestics. Civilians are to released to the closest, major population center via standard Foundation-run taxi.

Due to the inhospitable heat and atmospheric conditions within SCP-XXXX sites, "Mk. 6 Devil's Jacket" exploratory gear is provided as standard when entering any such SCP-XXXX. Gear includes level 3+ heat-resistant mesh, high-volume (200m2+) air tanks, sulfuric-gas and sulfuric acid resistant finish, and GPS trackers. Special cases for thaumaturgical environmental-protection may be taken up with supervising security officers. Attachable HUD headsets come standard with domestic-communications systems, real-time translation software1, tinted headlamps, and video cameras. Arm pieces contain temperature, suit pressure, and air-tank gauges.

Spearheaded by Samuel J. Richter in 1996, SCP-XXXX act as Foundation-protected "Sanctuaries" for the peoples collectively referred to as SCP-XXXX-1. The project is highly praised for its success in sustaining dense SCP-XXXX-1 populations and for the project's contributions to the Foundation.

SCP-XXXX are a series of 4 communities of SCP-XXXX-1, located in southern Germany. As of March 30, 2018, they encompass 9k2, 5.2k2 , 2.4k2, and unknownk2; the populations of which, excluding Foundation personnel, are estimated to be 41,246 , 23,836 , 10,997, and unknown; correlating to SCP-XXXX-A, -B, -C, and -D respectively. Environmental conditions are kept stable within the sites solely through the use of semi-permeable containment fields, referred to as "containment membranes", and are necessary for the continued survival of all such ecology associated with SCP-XXXX. Air temperatures range from 101°c (214°f) to 206°c (402°f). Atmosphere is high in sulfuric gas. Seasonal changes and weather systems are completely artificial and simulated as per "Weather Man Protocol".

SCP-XXXX-1 is the collective designation given to the plethora of biological vessels inhabited by SCP-XXXX-1A and SCP-XXXX-1B. SCP-XXXX-1A are a race of sapient beings native to the planet Húltir, a dense, rocky planet located approximately 150 million kilometers away from its star within dimension [REDACTED]. The majority of SCP-XXXX-1A are the descendants of SCP-XXXX-1B.

SCP-XXXX-B refers to a subset of the far-reaching, extra-dimensional, and incorporeal race known as Cónsbonun, or Mind lacking Body, by the Mneutrú2. Their incorporeal nature combined with their variably potent reality altering abilities facilitated the use of vessels, such as SCP-XXXX-1, to interact with the Solid-State Plane3. While the practice's origin is ancient, it was only an estimated 6,000 years ago SCP-XXXX-1B began using SCP-XXXX-1 vessels on Húltir; although some accounts tell of the use of SCP-XXXX-1 originating millions of years ago. SCP-XXXX-1B that procreated through the use of SCP-XXXX-1 vessels produced fully corporeal offspring, SCP-XXXX-1A. Though not able to access the incorporeal plane like their predecessors, they continue to use the same "tethers"4 to secure their consciousnesses for transfer between SCP-XXXX-1 vessels.

SCP-XXXX-1A frequent a practice known as "augmentation", the means through which SCP-XXXX-1 biology became so diverse. "Augmentation" is the semi-thaumaturgic manipulation of an individual's genetic information so as to facilitate the growth of new structures or the modification of exiting structures. The practice is almost universally excepted, any given individual being "augmented" dozens if not hundreds of times. It is also common to, when one's SCP-XXXX-1 vessel is compromised, purchase an entirely new body. Individuals are professionally trained to perform the practice, and it is considered a sacred art among some groups.

"Containment membranes" were originally developed by SCP-XXXX-1 to provide large-scale protection from militaristic incursion, and later used as an environmental barrier during the colonization of the "New World". Metallic nodes inscribed with semi-thaumaturgic runes are first placed around an area and then activated by the ritualistic attachment of a thaumaturgic-field generator. Upon activation, a durable, translucent membrane is projected between the nodes, sealing the area off from outside gases, liquids, and most solids. Intermittently between nodes, "gates" are placed that maintain a much thinner and easily penetrable membrane so as to facilitate passage. Analysis of the field and rune technology ultimately led to the development of [REDACTED], a leap in provisional containment technology.

Information Pamphlet XXXX-1-32:

Important information on common SCP-XXXX-1 clades:

Any personnel visiting SCP-XXXX sites with Level 2 clearance or higher are strongly encouraged to read the following material and to contact their supervisors for supplementary dossiers as necessary. Racial distinctions are arbitrary given that most SCP-XXXX-1 vessels are produced independently and uniquely as well as the ease and frequency by which physiological change occurs. Most SCP-XXXX-1 posses a unique body structure. Social movements continue to shape the populous. As certain movements rise and fall, so do the popularity of associated physiological structures. While most SCP-XXXX-1 are unique constructs, certain groups adhere to similar body plans for reasons of practicality, tradition, and common affiliation- such as those described here.

The names provided are recommended for in-field usage and for clarity of communications. Names heard in the field by personnel other than those provided should be assumed to be derogatory and not used until proven otherwise by linguistics personnel. Names are provided in both Mneudaispk and English when applicable.

SCP-XXXX Timeline

  • 3/13/1996: Foundation operatives embedded within German law enforcement received several reports of grotesque-humanoid entities patrolling the forests of ██████, Germany.
  • 3/14/1996: First contact with SCP-XXXX-1 is made by Mobile Task Force Mu-2 ("Sons of Grimm"). A camp of approximately 2,000 individuals is located within a single A temporary perimeter is established for containment and efforts toward establishing a means of communication begins.
  • 3/17/1996: The first translation system is developed1. Construction begins on more permanent means habitation.

Classified Information Regarding SCP-XXXX

Level 3 or Higher Security Clearance Required for Viewing

Information Chain: 66-M

Timeline 3

Release date: January 30, 2018

Interview Log O12

Addendum: Emergency Command Blast

Interview Log P93

Exploration Log: D-6

Information Organizer

A Mutant with a little humanity.

Race: Mutant
Zone: Toxic Valley
Morality: Ambiguous
Stage 1: Nikov
Appearance: Nikov first appears to the player as a three-armed and three-eyed Mutant with a mangled six-foot frame. His right arm is enlarged and grotesquely muscular while his two left arms are extremely thin. A piercing third eye sits perched at the top of his empty gaze.
Personality: Upon first encountering Nikov, he is hesitant and almost fearful despite his obvious strength. Over time, he becomes more open with the Player, but maintains his modesty. Extremely interested in ecology, he thoroughly enjoys exploring the Wasteland, and observing its creatures, voicing his awe frequently. Nikov cares deeply about the people around him and is only in the process of accepting the ruthless new world. Even after cursing at and mowing down swaths of Supermutants, he notes their majesty and asks the player if they’re uninjured.
If the player decides to kill Nikov, a smaller, gaunt figure rises from his corpse. Synikov similarly possesses a third eye on its forehead.

Stage 2: Tsar Nikov
Appearance: If the player continues to assist Nikov, he will transform into small giant. Standing at eight feet tall, he now hobbles around, his movement limited by his increasing weight. A face is now visible, seemingly pushing against his skin from the inside.
Personality: He is now much less talkative and noticeably callous, impatient with the Player’s dialogue.
Stage 3: Mega-Tsar Nikov
Increased in size, he now appears extremely muscular and deformed, not dissimilar to a Behemoth. He can still move on his elephant-like feet but his every step makes the ground shake.

Interactions with Players:
Upon entering the Toxic Valley, observant Players will notice a small creature following and observing them from a distance. If the player moves toward the creature, it will retreat toward an abandoned shack. If they shoot it, it will die, attempting to limp away, and another small creature will emerge from the shack. Entering the shack and descending an elevator will bring the Player to Nikov. In a broken Southern Accent and pointing an odd Assault Rifle, he will question the player on their intentions in his home, scolding them if they shot his drones. Loosening up, he will drop his rifle and his fake Southern accent, speaking in his natural Russian accent and asking the Player for a favor.
Quest: Alarm Clock
Nikov tells the Player that he needs help clearing out his old WestTek office-building because of the research he has hidden in there. If the Player was polite to Nikov, he will become a temporary companion to aid in the quest. If not, he will make them perform the mission by themselves but recommend that they find help.
The office building is overrun by Supermutants, but otherwise appears normal. Hacking various computer terminals reveals that the building specialized in bioengineering and had an ongoing project involving cloning soldiers. After clearing out the building, the Player must bring Nikov to the basement. Finding the door unlocked, both enter a long, white corridor with contrastingly dark stains lining the floors and walls. Distressed, Nikov runs down the corridor, following the stains to find that the Supermutants had broken into a room filled with cloning-pods and had been eating the clones inside. Approaching the control-array, he mutters “they’re still alive” before shooting the control panel to bits, killing them. Distraught, he moves to from room to room, largely to the same grim conclusion. When conversation is triggered by the Player, Nikov will admit it is a cloning facility and passively states his resolve to “bring them back”.

Nikov explains to the Player that WestTek planned on supplying the Military with a near-infinite amount of soldiers by mass-producing clones and copying a soldiers memories onto their brains. After WestTek made a series of break-throughs involving the Forced Evolutionary Virus, the project was shrunk, without testing ever leaving the facility.
Quest: Printable Friends
In order to resurrect his former colleagues, he needs access to the cloning facility mainframe which contains all of the stored me Nikov needs to create new, uncontaminated tissues in order to further his research.

Quest: Crowdsourcing
With an above-average affinity, the player will be tasked by the Grand Tsar Nikov to seek out rebels in hiding and bring them to him. The Player may retrieve them dead or alive, but he wants their heads unharmed. Each of the rebel groups, including several of his old colleagues and his
My Human Condition
Nikov asks the Player to assist him in extracting the growth on his left side, claiming that he feels it sapping his strength and giving him migraines. Upon inspecting the growth, it is obvious that extracting the growth would kill Nikov. As it opens an eye and a mouth, it talks to the Player about how he has hope for humanity and how he feels like the hate is burning him. The growth then asks the Player to kill him for the greater good and for his own sake.
Keeping Nikov alive and strong with a synthetic drug will allow allied Players to

Effects on the Story and Play-space:
After the quest Printable Friends is completed, Messy Mutants will begin to wander the Wasteland, some moving toward New Haven and some away.
If Nikov is allowed to reach Tsar Stage, security patrols of Messies will begin to patrol the Wasteland around New Haven and in select buildings.
As Nikov reaches the Mega-Tsar Stage, patrols become organized military squadrons whom protect various locations and actively seek-out players with especially-low affinity if they are close enough.

Russian Mutant who wants to help people slowly becomes corrupt by his pride and blindness in pursuing his goals. Also, he creates a military force of Mutants that can be used by Players with affinity or on Players with low affinity.
Located within a fortified shack, he asks the player to help him create a refuge for mutants
If his faction is attacked, his sanctuary will have scouts and he will become noticeably larger while certain members will complain of dissapearances.
If they are continually attacked, scouts will become soldiers and increase in numbers. Nikov will become huge and hot-tempered.

Through various interactions, passive comments, and dialogues with Nikov, the Player will learn of his life before the Great War. Having worked in the Soviet Union’s failing biological-weapons program, he fled the United States, hoping to continue his research without limitations Within weeks, he was arrested for jay-walking and Police-Officers found his suitcase to be full of home-made organs. Suffice to say, he caught the Government’s eye. Transferred to WestTek when they became a major weapons contractor, he worked on various projects as a genetic engineer. After the Pan Immunity Virus transformed into the Forced Evolutionary Virus, his Generalized
After fleeing the Soviet Union and its failing biological

Observation Drone
Nikov- normal
Living pistol

Nikov represents a well-meaning leader becoming corrupt over time and Synikov represents what is learned: wisdom, patience, humility