Object Class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-6029's powerful and anomalous nature, it is impossible to contain it. O5 Council are deemed to put Dr. Sincako, a neurologist and Dr. Fabio, an astronomer. It is to believed that SCP-6029 could be the focal point of ZK-class scenarios from within beyond time. As for everything, these foctors are to be believed to be the masters of the studies they work. They are now observing at Site-24 for pointing out what way SCP-6029 is going to. To be exact, this entity cannot be described and contained due to it's void shape-shifting abilities and possibly more anomalous properties.
Further inspections of SCP-6029 are to be daily, 24/7.

Description: SCP-6029 is a reality-changer, warper, and breaker of all inanimous realities. His can break any fundamental universe in any point of reality. This can cause an imminent ZK-class and CK-class scenarios to break within the focal point of reality. This can also change everything from a piece of burnt scratch. It is impossible to describe whether this entity broke reality several millions of years ago or change the way everything works. But as we know it, is a powerful, active reality-bender that can collide realities with realities. Nothing can stop SCP-6029. SCP-6029 also creates big black voids that erase any information on it's path (designated SCP-6029-1) and leaves no trace. This can also severe realities of humankind and as we know it, erase anything in existence. For more information, SCP-6029 created a total of 1,000,000 voids that are 20 light years wide and 30 light years long. The mass of it is 70% black holes, 2% neutron stars, 7% unnamed stars, 1% gamma rays, 10% information, 2% unknown civilizations, 5% [REDACTED], 1% SCP, and 1% unknown. This all total to a ZK-class event, even when it isn't active or dormant.

Addedum 6029-1: SCP-6029-1-210 erased 20 stars everyday during it's creation in ■/■/■■ while SCP-6029 destroys another universe. Observers from Site-24 experiences trauma and is given Class-A amnestics during the event happening.

Addedum 6029-2: SCP-6029-230 combines with a poweful neutron star, causing fatalities and rips on the universe, while SCP-6029-210 destroys a black hole and then consumes it, gaining much more power than ever. Meanwhile, SCP-6029-192 destroys 30% of the Local Void, gaining much more power than SCP-6029-210, having a gravity of 300× lesser than the Local Void. This pulls everything in it's sight before vaporizing and other voids expand and exploding, leaving high points of radiation, and suddenly a piece of SCP-6029-192's radiation suddenly shape-shifts into a radiactive meteor and crashes in Albania, killing livestock and making breathing radioactive, killing 520 people.