Item #: SCP-4001

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4001 is uncontained at the moment and it's whereabouts are currently unknown for now, but SCP-4000 has theorized to 05 council that it's somewhere in Northeastern America.

Description: SCP-4001 appears to be an teenage male humanoid, with a general appearance a child that appears to be around twelve or thirteen years old. They had brown shoulder-length hair, which sometimes appeared longer. In one encounter by SCP-4000 they red eyes when they were in combat against a mob, and wielded a red sword, red shield, and a red knife and shut when after combat. They wore brown shorts during "warm days" and brown pants during cold days, brown shoes that look brand new multiple teams reporting that there was snow and the clothes didn't seem to get wet, and a blue sweater that had a purple stripe in the middle.

Addendum 4001-A:
SCP-4000 has reported that SCP-4001 has the powers of absolute time manipulation, absolute space manipulation, and absolute space-time manipulation, even being able to manipulate other realities he currently doesn't abide in.

Addendum 4001-B:

SCP Review Notes:

Due to the abilities SCP-4001 possesses, SCP-4001 is to be placed in the same containment cell as SCP-███. Physical restraints are impossible, and direct physical damage wouldn't work due to it's abilities.. Previous, more proactive special containment procedures have been recalled due to the events of breaches ██, ███, ██, █, and ████.