Item #: SCP-4001

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4001 escaped at the moment and it's whereabouts are speculated to be in the American-Canadian border as radio signals from Dr.████████ and Agent ████ has located them somewhere in the American/Canadian border.

Description: SCP-4001 appears to be an teenage male humanoid, with a general appearance a child that appears to be around twelve or thirteen years old. They had brown shoulder-length hair, which sometimes appeared longer. In one encounter by SCP-4000, their eyes were shut after both fought a few violent gangsters, then SCP-4000 has seen a staff that seems to disintegrate people with no mercy. They wore blue shorts brown shoes that look brand new even though blood and guts clearly stained it, and a blue sweater that had a purple stripe in the middle.

Addendum 4001-A:


SCP-4000 and Dr.████████, Site-██

<Begin Log>

SCP-4000: So uh, Frisk, tell me what powers do you possess?

SCP-4001: (Pauses) Absolute time manipulation, reality warping (pauses), including the reality which we originate from, manipulation of the life-force, paradox manipulation, regeneration, even if somehow I'm completely "gone" or as I can simply put it to you, "self-resurrection," absolute immortality, and resistance to all sorts of god-like powers.

SCP-4000: God damn it Dr.████████ you would make me take all the notes because you know I won't focus on you snoring on the job. (Throws a pillow at Dr.████████)
Dr.████████: Come on dude I was dreaming of hentai. Oh the SCP, names uh, Frost? Um you do it all for me and I'll pay you. Yeah?
SCP-4000: God damn it he's always this way, he never pays up, oh yeah Frisk taking in all that information you are classified as, "Keter."

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Apart from Dr.████████ being blatantly lazy and not caring for the job, this was one of my favorite interviews, I gotta know more about SCP-4001.

Addendum 4001-B:

SCP Review Notes:

Due to the abilities SCP-4001 possesses, SCP-4001 is to create it's own room within an unused cell, currently the room looks like some apartment room with a single bedroom, a living room, kitchen, dining, room, kitchen, and a closet.

Addendum 4001-C: So apparently using [DATA EXPUNGED], "Frisk's" soul was split into many red fragments, most of these "fragments" were seen getting absorbed by SCP-4000, followed in order by SCP-616, and SCP-058. An SCP-4000 with half of Frisk's powers is already able to save it's last point in time before dying, and then able to restart at that point, oh fuck no. And not to mention the powers of SCP-616 being increased and it can't die, and SCP-058 is now completely sentiment.

Note from Dr.Minehero: Frisk appears to weak to the point where it can be harmed. But it's still a "superhuman," probably from losing so much of it's fragments. Wait shit, what's happening? Frisk's soul? Why is there a, oh shit, the other half grew back out of nowhere. Wha-how the fuck is this happening?