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Item #: SCP-3272

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The object in question does not show any anomalous properties unless the base of the object is planted in the ground and once it is planted, anything less than 20 meters ahead of its front will, most likely, not survive. To account for this, the bottom which is planted in the ground is to be within a locked box before it is put down. It does not need an extremely secure cell but if it touches the ground without a staff member holding it, it will most likely escape. It should be chained to the walls and facing a corner away from both the camera and the door. Due to previous incidents, the object should be monitored 24/7 to avoid employees removing it from the cell.

Description: SCP-3272 is a battered and beaten STOP sign that appears to be extremely old though from testing it is more sturdy than almost any other STOP sign1. When discovered foundation employees had heard of, "a mysterious STOP sign that shows up immediately following a disaster of any kind", and went to investigate. They arrived at the town of El Reno, Oklahoma on 6/1/13 immediately following a devastating tornado to attempt to find it and at the edge of town, where the tornado disappeared, was a STOP sign. It didn't seem anomalous until an employee walked in front of it and every process of his body STOPPED. They used rope to move him out of the way and he was taken to the nearest facility for medical purposes and testing.The remaining employees contacted Site-64 to report the object and its effects when one of the announced that it was gone.

It was then seen many times after and it was determined that they needed to scope out an area ahead-of-time. An SCP Weather Center located Tropical Storm Irma beginning form in the Atlantic Ocean and a squad was sent to Florida to wait out the storm and retrieve it. The mission was successful.

It seems to be a man-made object designed to be a normal STOP sign that somehow obtained anomalous properties. Its properties are only seen when it is planted in ground and can be deadly to anyone who is in front of it. It creates a cone from the front of its 'face' that is 20m long and at its max length is 10m wide. Anything in that area while it is planted is STOPPED including anything living AND machines though it is stopped by walls. After capture it was labeled an "Anomalous Object" until it escaped and was found at a different location and was immediately retrieved where the foundation employees reported that it had a piece of paper taped to the back which confirmed that it was sentient and knew exactly what it was doing and had done.

Paper Note found taped to SCP-3272
Greetings again to those who have captured me once. I know you are here to take me again so I will allow you to do so but I want you to know exactly what my purpose in this world is. I am to take my job stopping things to the next level. I travel around the world to locations that disasters have happened at recently and stop them so they do not get any worse. I only ask that I receive 1 day each year that I may leave and stop one major disaster though if that is too much then its fine. If you want any more communication however then you will have to leave me a roll of tape and some paper.

With Total Respect, E. S. Sign

We agreed to giving him her it one day a year and the communication materials. SCP-3272 is currently being held at Site-[REDACTED] and is still there.2

Addendum: Addendum-3272-01: D-Class personnel are no longer allowed to access SCP-3272 as a test with one ended with the D-Class using SCP-3272 to beat a scientist in the head.

Addendum-3272-02: A personal note from Dr. [REDACTED] who is in charge of testing including SCP-3272 is required to enter SCP-3272's containment due to a scientist playing a "prank" by planting SCP-3272 in front of the staff room. They were fired and the object was returned.

Addendum-3272-03: After having the object in containment for some time, April 1 came around and an odd occurrence happened. SCP-3272 was missing from its cell and a note reading: "I'm sorry, this happens every year. I am forcibly teleported to a random disaster without warning and end up facing the wrong direction. I don't know why this happens but I remembered and wrote this not—-"
We assume the object was automatically teleported while writing as SCP-3272 does not like writing incomplete ideas. It returned 6 hours after disappearing from its cell in the corner of the staff room with a note only reading: "I'm sorry. I should've told you earlier than this." This effect has been dubbed by Dr. [REDACTED] 'The False Savior Effect' and is being researched.