The Cursed Camera
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Description: SCP-XXXX has the appearance of an Asahi Pentax 6x7 camera. The camera is 18 cm × 11 cm × 9.5 cm in dimension and has a 10mm lens. It was found after an article was published in a town newspaper in ███████, Nebraska about a "haunted camera" that killed anyone who it took a photo of. The camera's anomalous properties are only shown once a picture is taken of a living human being. In the produced photo, there is a distorted figure always standing to the left side of the subject. This figure has been designated as SCP-XXXX-A. No two people have taken a picture with the same figure. Around 2-5 days after the picture of the subject is taken, the subject enters Stage 1 of the camera's effects, manifested as auditory hallucinations. These vary from subject to subject. The most common are reported to be soft whispers that appear to be coming from the left shoulder of the subject. No subjects were able to decipher the whispers. Around a week after the auditory hallucinations begin, the subject moves into Stage 2. Stage 2 is when the subject begins to see the figure from the picture. At first, the figure is only visible on the outer reaches of the subject's vision as a hazy outline. After a varying period of time, the figure becomes more stable and begins to move around the subject's range of vision. Research would appear to show that the figure gains stability based on the subject's stress levels. A few individuals were not affected by this at all and did not progress to Stage 3. Stage 3 is when the figure is reported to speak to the subject. The figure is commonly reported to incite thoughts of suicide and murder. As the subject's mental state deteriorates, the figure slowly raises its head. SCP-XXXX-A's head always begins slumped against its chest. When it's head is halfway up, the hallucinations begin to worsen. Different creatures begin to form around SCP-XXXX-A. The creatures are often called demons, abominations, and even "eldritch horrors". The creatures are usually described as twisted, primordial beings. Their appearance varies based on the subject's IQ. A D-class with autism subject reported seeing "dead bunnies that still walked", and a D-class with above average IQ said he had seen "indescribable abominations". When asked to elaborate, he almost threw up. (see addendum 1) Stage 3 can last for extreme periods of time and has once been recorded to have lasted 7 months before entering Stage 4. Stage 4 is triggered once SCP-XXXX-A's head fully raises. Exactly at 12:00 noon, SCP-XXXX-A opens its eyes. When this happens, the subject "dies". Heart activity and brain activity all cease for exactly 72 hours. During this period, the body does not rot. When most subjects reenter a state of consciousness, they begin to scream. The ones who scream continue to shout until they are no longer able to, as a result of shredding their vocal chords. The ones who don't scream come back extremely changed. (see addendum 2) SCP-XXXX was classified as Safe and is currently kept in a safe at Site ███.

Addendum 1:

Interviewed: Subject D-97945

Interviewer: Dr. Wilhelm ██████

Foreword: Upon entering the room, the subject seemed extremely anxious. Twitching eyelids and quick breathing were noted. The subject was handcuffed as he was deemed unstable.

<Begin Log, 3:30, 10/24/2010>

Dr. Wilhelm: Alright Subject D-97945, I'm going to ask you a few questions about what you are seeing alright? Can you begin by describing to me the figure you should be seeing?

Subject D-97945: T-the man? In the c-corner? Sure, sure. W-well, he's, uhh just standing there. He has no shirt. Where is his shirt? I don't know. Why don't you ask him?
Dr. Wilhelm: Calm down, he can't hurt you. Could you describe his physical features to me?
Subject D-97945: Y-yeah. He's white. Pale white. No color. No color. His hair? White. Skin? White. Like these halls. So white. Too white. N-no white. No white. NO WHITE! GET ME OUT OF HERE! PLEASE, MAKE IT STOP! KILL ME, PLEASE!
At this point, Subject D-97945 grew increasingly disturbed. After about a minute of being restrained by security forces, he calmed down enough to continue.
Subject D-97945: S-sorry about that. I don't know what came over me.
Dr. Wilhelm: No need to apologize. Could you please continue to describe the creature around the figure?
Subject D-97945: T-the creatures? O-oh God, t-they're indescribable abominations, I-
Subject D-97945 dry heaves for a few seconds
Subject D-97945: S-sorry. You wouldn't understand, you can't see them. Anyway, t-those things are horrific. Calling them monsters would be an understatement I can't… oh God, just put me back, please. I can't look at them any longer, please put me back.

<End Log, 3:38 10/24/2010>

Closing Statement: Subject D-97945 was returned to his cell. The day after the interview, he rapidly progressed to Stage 4. 3 days after his "death", he returned as a screamer and was terminated.

Addendum 2:
Excerpt from Dr. Jacob ████████'s research journal.

Test #12 - Date 04/09/2015

Subject: Subject D-39582. Please note that the aforementioned subject was always cheerful, even during Stage 3.
Procedure: At 5:30 PM on 11/23/2014, a picture of Subject D-39582 was taken using SCP-3134. This test was to see the effects of the camera on an outgoing, optimistic person. 4 days later, subject reported experiencing auditory hallucinations, described as "funny little whispers". A week later, he progressed into Stage 3. He told us that SCP-XXXX-A was really just shy and that she had told him so. I advised him not to make contact with "her" anymore. He did not listen. He held conversations with SCP-3134-A that lasted for hours. This could have been why Stage 3 lasted for 6 months. At the end of Stage 3, he told us that "Sarah" (the name he had given to SCP-XXXX-A) had raised her head. Subject D-39582 was moved to another room and strapped down to an examining table. He made jokes with nearby personnel until exactly 12:00 noon. As usual, subject was declared medically dead. 72 hours later, he woke. No screams, as expected. This was highly unusual, as all previous test subjects had awoken screaming fit to wake the devil. I felt that something was different, so I went to check. When I approached the subject, he lay still, pale as the grave and cold to the touch. Upon further examination, his lips were blue and he was experiencing common symptoms of hypothermia. I released his restraints and he sat up, slowly. I asked what he had seen. His reply was chilling. I quote; "There was nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Cold. Cold. Black. Dark. The eyes. The eyes. The eyes the eyes theeyestheeyestheeyes THE EYES! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! YOU'LL NEVER SEE IT, YOU'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND! SO COLD, SO COLD! No warmth. Just cold. Only black. Just darkness. There's nothing there. Nothing after the end. No end. Just… void."
After finishing his statement, Subject D-39582 entered a state of vegetation. Brain function was the same as a brain-dead individual. One researcher commented that it was as if his soul had left his body. I refuse to believe that what Subject D-39582 said was coincidental. There must be more tests run to find out more about this "void".
Results: Subject D-39582 was pronounced brain-dead after he awoke from Stage 4. All attempts to revitalize brain wain patterns were ineffective. Subject D-39582 was terminated 2 weeks after he awoke.
Analysis:Results were disturbing. Statement from subject would lead me to believe that he came back from where the conscious of a human goes after death. It was amazing that he retained even the slightest shred of sanity, no matter how brief. Awaiting approval for more friendly Class D personnel for testing.