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Item #: SCP-███

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-███ must be locked in a custom container labeled as containing the object. Any and all access to SCP-███ must be approved by a level 3 researcher. In the event of a containment breach, all on-site security personnel are to be pulled from their normal patrols/duties, and the most accessible MTF unit should immediately be sent to locate SCP-███-1 should they exit the facility.

Description: SCP-███ is a firearm resembling FN's "Five-Seven" handgun, although visually distinct. The object bears no markings, lacks a magazine and port for shell extraction, has a square slide, and the barrel + slide is an additional five centimeters (2 inches) long.

Aside from its strange appearance, SCP-███ is non-anomalous until a human1 comes into contact with it. The wielder, hereafter designated SCP-███-1, instantly enters a raged state, killing any humanoid entities it can find. If the subject cannot locate any humanoids to kill, it will commit suicide.

The subject appears to have super-human capabilities when under the effects of SCP-███. More specifically, the subject appears to have no sense of pain, and their skin becomes significantly tougher, making 9mm gunfire and similar ineffective.

Due to SCP-███'s nature, it is difficult to get any information relating to the weapon's ballistics, although from what little data is available the weapon appears to fire the normal cartridge for the FN "Five-Seven", the FN 5.7×28mm.

SCP-███ has no memetic properties to make nearby humans pick it up. It's possible that this is why it has its strange appearance, to have particularly curious individuals pick it up to examine it.

Because of the lack of a magazine and shell extraction port, it is currently theorized that SCP-███ pulls ammunition from a pocket dimension, although there is no evidence for this theory.