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Item Object: SCP-xxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxx is contained in a 1m x 1m x 1m steel box buried in Chad, at the coordinates, 17°██'51.2"N ██°43'42.5"E. A drone is to be sent to the area to make sure the box has not been unburied. The staff running the drone are not allowed to know about SCP-xxx. Anyone exposed to SCP-xxx is to be given the Class-A Amnestics.1 Anyone exposed to SCP-xxx is to be given the appropriate Amnestics to forget about its existence. If this requires using any Amnestics over Class-D Amnestics, this person is to be terminated for their own sake. As of 24th of March 201█, SCP-xxx is not to be included in any other foundation archives other than this one to contain the knowledge of its existence limited.2

Description: SCP-xxx is a 25cm x 34cm x 46cm stone statue of an ant-like insect from unknown origins. According to Dr. Schneil, it's at the foundation since 20██. All experiments and research run on SCP-xxx ended up unsuccessful. Whenever SCP-xxx is thought of by anybody, that person will fall asleep. Whether it's just a picture of SCP-xxx or a thought, it is impossible to stay awake whilst thinking of SCP-xxx. It has been proven that talking about SCP-xxx's abilities without knowing about SCP-xxx will not make someone fall asleep. It takes approximately 9 seconds for someone to fall asleep after thinking of SCP-xxx with the longest recorded time being around 32 seconds. The sleeping subject cannot be wakened and must awake themselves, the length of the sleep is approximately 3 hours. The shortest sleeping time recorded is 1h28min and the longest sleeping time recorded is of 5h46min.

Incident-FRGT: On the 24th of March 201█, in Site-01 when Dr. Shneil's office was being emptied by foundation staff, a picture of SCP-xxx was found in some old archives. Dr. Shneil was the leading researcher for SCP-xxx. Shortly after the foundation staff saw the picture, they plunged into a deep sleep. After a few minutes, more foundation staff came to see what was wrong, they too, fell asleep upon seeing the picture. The foundation staff, not understanding the picture of SCP-xxx was the issue immediately sent this information to O5-█ and O5-█ who were in Site-01 at the time of the incident. Both, O5-█ and O5-█ were evacuated from Site-01 for precaution. MTF Beta-7, MTF Mu-13, and MTF Nu-7 were sent to Dr. Shneil's office. A member from MTF Beta-7 fell asleep immediately after looking at the picture of SCP-xxx. The mobile task force units immediately ordered a termination of all the archives in Mr. Shneil's office. All the sleeping staff was removed from the area and the office was quarantined and burnt down. Every staff affected by SCP-xxx's anomalous effects were given Class-A Amnestics. Dr. Schneil was tracked and interviewed.

Dr. Schneil Interview Log

Interviewed: Dr. Schneil

Interviewer: Dr. B███

<Begin Log, 29, March, 201█>

Dr. B███: We know you don't work at the foundation anymore, but please cooperate with us. I don't know what I'm interviewing you for, but you have to tell us information to prevent another incident to occur like the one that happened five days ago.

Dr. Schneil: What the fuck happened five days ago.

Dr. B███: (Reading off some notes)Workers were clearing out your office and fell asleep because of a picture in your office?

Dr. Schneil looks panicked after this question.
Dr. Schneil: Shit, that's SCP-xxx! god fucking damn it, oh well goodni-
Dr. Schneil proceeds to fall asleep.
Dr. B███ proceeds to fall asleep.
<End Log>

Closing Statement: After realizing the cause of this "sleep virus," everyone in the interview room fell asleep and external security agents called for medical staff. After the interview, research was done in multiple long stages to re-write SCP-xxx's files (with the help of Dr. Schneil) because all the information on it had been burned down in Dr. Shneil's office, stricter containment procedures were set.

Note: This document was written after a lot of interviews and unsuccessful experiments to gather the information on SCP-xxx and write it down. The process to write this document down took three years. Dr. Schneil would write things down about SCP-xxx before falling asleep and would do so again when he would wake up. Every 10 hours he was given Class-A Amnestics. After having a complete file of notes they were slowly transformed into an SCP file.

Addendum: That thing can go to hell, it's fucking useless why do we still have it. - O5-█ before falling asleep and being given Class-A Amnestics.

To add:

- Some sort of 'same dream' or 'recurring dream' in subjects that fall asleep after thinking of SCP-xxx. Probably an anteater or something like that.
- What can happen right before falling asleep? Make something happen.
- Some side effects ?