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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All comments on SCP-XXXX-01 videos are to be logged in Foundation database XXXX-K-47. IP addresses of commentariat are to be logged in a similar fashion, with internet activities remotely monitored for indicators of potential SCP-XXXX-02 infection. As of 18/09/2021, the above measures are to apply to all viewers of SCP-XXXX-01 content.

Upon location by Foundation web-crawlers, instances of SCP-XXXX-01 are to be taken down by the use of multiple YouTube DCMA requests.

Any monitored civilians found to exhibit more than 40% of at-risk behaviors for SCP-XXXX-02 infection are to have internet service to their residence cut off. If questioned, Foundation personnel, masquerading as ISP employees, are to make vague claims of "piracy complaints" as a reason for the cessation of internet access. Personnel are to discourage attempts to remedy the situation by providing unhelpful information, putting on hold, and repeatedly re-asking questions.

Description: SCP-XXXX-01 is an account on the popular video-sharing website YouTube, entitled "shadowhands"1. Attempts to remove SCP-XXXX-01 via via DMCA requests have been only temporarily successful, with complete video content typically being re-uploaded within 12 hours. Since its inception in 2013, SCP-XXXX-01 has accumulated a following of more than 750,000 subscribers.

Of the videos posted on SCP-XXXX-012, all but three are music compilations of ambient, instrumental hip-hop, and vaporwave genres3, set over lightly-distorted still images of unknown films and animated programs. Viewers of SCP-XXXX-01 will identify the background image as belonging to a television program that was of great importance to them during their childhood4. In isolation, neither backgrounds nor audio tracks on SCP-XXXX-01 videos appear to have any anomalous properties.

SCP-XXXX-02-A is the collective designation a species of humanoid entities capable of manipulating and feeding on human emotions. The process of feeding is unclear, but instances appear drawn to feelings of isolation, shame, and nostalgia.

SCP-XXXX-02-A instances are predominantly attracted to individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 who exhibit low degrees of socialization and human interaction (hereafter SCP-XXXX-02-B)5, who have repeatedly viewed or commented on an instance of SCP-XXXX-016. SCP-XXXX-02-B instances do not appear to be able to conceptually distinguish between XXXX-01 and XXXX-02-A.

Instances of SCP-XXXX-02-A are highly variable in appearance, ranging from passably human to barely humanoid. Most instances have at least one notable physical abnormality7.

All recorded SCP-XXXX-02-A instances wear masks or other facial, obscuring its face above the mouth. Masks are typically fashioned from silicon or burlap, curving to a point just above the mouth. Approximately 85% of instances will have crude approximations of human facial features scrawled over the masks. Beneath the mask, all SCP-XXXX-02-B instances lack facial features, except for a crude mouth which generally appears to have been cut or carved.

Despite their abnormal appearances, individuals not already aware of their anomalous nature will discount the unusual appearance of SCP-XXXX-02-A instances, and will frequently find it difficult to recollect interactions with an instance beyond generalities.

SCP-XXXX-02-A instances are entirely mute. Despite being incapable of vocalization, instances of SCP-XXXX-02-A make their desires and wishes known to XXXX-02-B instances through the use of empathic telepathy. SCP-XXXX-02-B instances describe the wishes of XXXX-02-A as admonitions to relax, "let go," and provide emotional comfort to -A instances

Typically, a single instance of SCP-XXXX-02-A will feed on a human, although cases of up to three instances feeding simultaneously have been observed (see Incident Log XXXX-049-R). Attempts to physically separate bonded instances of SCP-XXXX-02-A and -B will elicit negative reactions up to and including physical violence.

As exposure to SCP-XXXX-02-A continues, XXXX-02-B instances will become increasingly apathetic, shunning any non-XXXX-02-A interaction or activities. Surveillance of SCP-XXXX-02-B instances indicates XXXX-02-B spending hours on meandering one-sided conversations, presumably with the XXXX-02-A instance responding non-verbally. Typical subjects include recollections of childhood or young adulthood, feelings of worthlessness or self-loathing, isolation from peers or family, and gratitude for the presence of SCP-XXXX-01 and XXXX-02-A.

After an average of three weeks, SCP-XXXX-02-A instances will begin to periodically begin to scratch at XXXX-02-B instances. As time spent with SCP-XXXX-02-B continues, scratches will grow in intensity, eventually drawing blood and causing significant tr[REDACTED]e reason for this behavior is unknown.

Prolonged interactions between SCP-XXX-02-A and XXXX-02-B inevitably end with the expiration of the latter, with a mean time to death of two months. The most frequent causes of death include starvation, dehydration, an[REDACTED].

Following the expiration of SCP-XXXX-02-B, XXXX-02-A will dematerialize over a period of 15 minutes. The bodies of SCP-XXXX-02-B instances will similarly vanish 1-3 days following expiration.

Addendum XXXX-F-09:

The following represent comments between YouTube user MoTree8 and SCP-XXXX-02 via a compilation entitled "what's wrong with Me"

MoTree: It’s honestly very relaxing to be up, seeing the sun set and rise. No noise but my own thoughts and the music. I see the world, made for us, but totally empty and I feel calm. Like I could forget she existed. My responsibilities and pains float from me, and I almost feel free.

shadowhands: i know what it's like. everything and everyone just pulls from you. it's only when everything is still and silent that you can be yourself.

MoTree: Yes, absolutely. I remember her as a hole where she used to be. Just like all the choices I never made. Just holes. I just want my life to be full. But the music helps me cope with how it's not.

shadowhands: they all pull from you. little pieces. but it doesn't need to be that way. feel the music around you. let the music fill the holes.

MoTree: Yes. I can't find anything on [somename], but their track "somethingorother" makes it hurt, but in a good way.

shadowhands: everything and everyone just pulls from you

so i will complete her journey

“Many people need desperately to receive this message: 'I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone.”