SSpecial Content Procedures: SCP-5679 shall be contained in a closed room, thirty-five (35) meters by thirty-five (35) meters, and a metal door locked by a lock by a key in a hatch next to outside the room. Locked at ten thirty thirty (5:30 p.m.).

description: SCP- has the shape of a black cat and strong green eyes. By day it is mildly docile, (SCP-5679) but at night, (6 pm) becomes totally hostile (SCP-5679-01) to any kind of living being, (Plant or animal) and if blood begins to flow faster , increasing the oxygen reaching the brain, and consequently increasing its agility and strength. All tests attempting to injure SCP-5679 have failed, (SCP-5679 and SCP-5679-1) so we only open day-to-day, seemingly identical to a normal cat (we had no chance of making evening experiments).