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Experimentation with this item has been placed on hold until further notice. Please direct any concerns regarding SCP-3660 to Senior Researcher Dr. Aldrich Hanssen.

— Dr. Milena Lopez, Asst. Dir. of Facilities
— Sophia Turner, Asst. Dir. of Containment



Item #: SCP-3660

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3660 is to be kept in a standard, secure locker at Site-64. Personnel handling SCP-3660 are required to wear gloves. Personnel handling SCP-3660 are required to wear full-body, hazardous material suits. Medical personnel are to be on standby outside the testing chamber in the event of accidental implantation, in which case they are to apply local anesthesia to the affected tissue and surgically remove SCP-3660 from the epidermis.

Description: SCP-3660 is a metal zipper, similar to those found on sweaters and backpacks, and is approximately 3.5 centimeters long. It bears no manufacturer’s marking and is heavily scratched on the inside, indicative of rough and frequent abrasion with zipper teeth. SCP-3660 is non-anomalous and inert until it is physically pressed against the skin of a human being1. The amount of force used is not applicable when considering an implantation event, as even lightly holding SCP-3660 to the epidermis will cause it to gravitate into the skin in a manner not dissimilar to magnetic attraction.

Upon being pushed against the surface of a subject's skin, SCP-3660 will sink into the flesh until only the pull-tab is visible. While subjects have reported feeling an itch at this location, significant pain is rarely reported and major distress is typically only observed in subjects who are already aware of SCP-3660’s effects.

Within 10 minutes, SCP-3660 will activate and unzip the host’s skin by rapidly dragging itself across the epidermis; the edges of the created opening are lined with metallic teeth and the item itself will detach from the skin once it has created a sufficiently sized opening. This process will transfigure the host’s former skin, giving it the consistency and composition of silicone rubber. Due to the potentially extreme shifts in mass that can occur, what SCP-3660 exactly does with the host’s internal organs and other viscera during the transfiguration is currently unknown.


D-3081, acquired by Site-45 on 02/21/2018.

As SCP-3660 activates, an animal bearing the subject's consciousness will be simultaneously created/synthesized inside the skin. As of [REDACTED] experiments, only amniotes, cephalopods, and chondrichthyans have been created by SCP-3660; species from other biological groupings are presumed non-viable. Testing as to whether SCP-3660 creates species at random, or in accordance to an undiscovered pattern is ongoing is pending approval.


D-4629 following induced identity expungement.

While subjects immediately post-transfiguration may initially display shock and/or animalistic behavior attesting to the contrary, they are capable of consistently confirming their identities through methods such as standard memory tests, and simple communication through gestures and, when applicable, written testimony. However, it is inaccurate to state that SCP-3660 does not fundamentally alter the subject. Not only do transfigured subjects adopt a natural proficiency in operating their new forms, such as utilizing fins, wings, prehensile tails and venom, but they also tend to supplant incompatible human characteristics with those of their new species.

The most frequent changes are dietary shifts: a transfigured vulture (see Test-046-C) will readily consume putrid flesh, but will show an aversion to previously enjoyed human foods. These new attributes are not necessarily compulsive or overwhelming. Natural instincts, such as fight-or-flight and mating urges are present but can be resisted, even unconsciously so, depending on willpower of individual subjects. Others still, are unable to differentiate between the aspects of their behavior that existed before and after exposure to SCP-3660.


D-3313. Deceased.

The transformation is, currently, irreversible. Testing into this matter is ongoing.

Addendum 3660-CRP01 : Under the authorization of Dr. Scarcliffe renewed authorization of Dr. Hanssen, transfigured subjects have been integrated into the Cooperative Research Project's pool of resources. As detailed by Dr. Scarcliffe:

To whom it may concern at the Cooperative Research Project,

I propose integrating the post-transfiguration subjects of SCP-3660 testing into the CRP, allowing them to be accessed by other research personnel when deemed justifiable by the appropriate staff. Currently, there are three related, yet inter-dependent, issues associated with human test subjects:

  1. The human intellect and mind is capable of problem solving, autonomy and creativity in testing environments while also being the most receptive to instructions and prompting. This arguably makes humans the most versatile and flexible in testing and allows for correspondingly versatile and flexible experiments. However these attributes are species-locked. Thus, so are the experiments.
  2. Not all tests can be performed by human subjects and require animals instead. However, this suffocates experimental flexibility as most animals are not capable of behaving, or being trained to behave, according to differentiated and unique testing situations.
  3. Animal test subjects require significant investments of time and effort dedicated to training and conditioning. Many animals that receive this investment do not survive for very long regardless, leading to a gross disproportionate relationship between subject preparation and subject viability over time.

The following details how enacting of this proposal will address this problem-set:

  1. Animals created by SCP-3660 possess human intellects, dramatically reducing the amount of time needed to indoctrinate them into servility. Furthermore, carrying over a human's autonomy, free will and sapience will make testing possibilities far more flexible.
  2. Animals created by SCP-3660 possess the human's capability to receive instructions. This will increase the efficiency of experimentation and allow for much simpler subject-researcher communications as opposed to current methods such as stick/carrot indoctrination.

As I believe the Foundation is already intimate with the benefits of trained animals, it is my hope that the Foundation will correspondingly see the value of animals possessing the intellect of humans. I will be more than happy to provide any further details regarding this matter, as is SCP-3660's research head Dr. Aldrich Hanssen. Thank you for your time.

-Dr. Scarcliffe