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Item #: SCP-4760

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4760 must be held internally in an airtight containment cell, all surfaces aside from the ceiling of said containment cell are to be completely reflective. The external area of this cell must always be in complete darkness. SCP-4760 may only be observed through infrared cameras in the external area . The cell must have no windows or any other material in which light can pass through or be absorbed by. The ceiling of the cell must be a florescent light, illuminating the room that the SCP-4760 resides in at all times. Under no circumstances, other than for the purpose of terminating SCP-4760, should the ceiling light be deactivated. Personnel are not permitted into the containment cell of SCP-4760 at any time.
SCP-4760 is currently located at Site-54. Under no circumstances of SCP relocation should SCP-4760 be on the same site as SCP-606, as their contrasting properties could have dire results.

Description: SCP-4760 is a fire that is inextinguishable by regular means, and completely engulfs any room that it is in. SCP-4760 can combust traditional materials such as wood or oil, but these do not seem to make the fire grow. After multiple infrared readings, it has been shown that the flames are produced from a non-understood method of combustion of photons, however, it only burns photons that are of wavelengths 400-700 nanometers (visible light), although it has been shown to be able to alter the properties of other waves. SCP-4760's flames produce infrared radiation, but not visible light. Instead, it emits a form of visible energy not found in any visible region of space, and will therefor not combust its own energy output. Due to this, total darkness is believed to be the only way to extinguish SCP-4760, although testing of this method has not occurred.

Furthermore, any object which absorbs light will also be consumed by the flames if it comes into contact with SCP-4760, the rate of which is determined by the electromagnetic absorption coefficient.

SCP-4760, after circumstances not yet known to the foundation, will also communicate by fluctuating the infrared it emits, sending a message in binary. It does this through targeting which infrared camera gets an increased amount of energy, though this can have some malfunctions, most notably replacing a space with the character ¬ instead. It is not known how it knows the location of the cameras.

Another method of communication SCP-4760 can conduct is through the medium of wave alteration. Despite not being able to combust any photon with a wavelength outside of the 400-700 nanometer range, it can seem to change the frequencies, amplitudes, and other wave properties of radio waves1, and potentially others, though this has not been observed. It is also unknown how SCP-4760 does this.

SCP-4760 does seem to consume all light, but it does not appear to consume light sources themselves. We believe this is down to an inherent survival tactic.

Addendum - Retrieval Notes: SCP-4760 was found on the back of an old truck in ████████, England. It was contained within a small 100cm x 100cm x 100cm mirror box. It is unknown how the original "owner" managed to control the fire, why it was found here, or who the original owner is.