Gas Mask Society

Item #: SCP-5050

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The entirety of SCP-5050 must be kept in the town of ██████. If an entity of SCP-5050 is seen out of ██████, It shall be executed. The entity will later "reform" in ██████ with a new appearance but all of it's previous memories are restored.

Description: The average appearance of SCP-5050 is a male or female child that wears a gas mask an clothes from 1910s to 1940s.


The life span of an average SCP-5050 is similar to that of a human but there is no newborn/baby stage. "Child" versions of SCP-5050 are very shy around others once they first "appear."


If an entity other than SCP-5050 is in ██████ for 48 hours or more, a version of SCP-5050 that appears elderly and dresses in all black visits the entity. The entity will not be able to move for 1 hour. After the hour passes, the entity will experience a light headache. The entity has 20 minutes to leave ██████ until radiation will spread around the entity's body, killing theme