Item #: SCP-3657
Clearance Level: 0
Object Class: Safe
Threat Level: Green
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3657 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment unit at Site-17. SCP-3657 has requested that his cell be unmonitored and unlocked at all times, and that he is not to be disturbed while eating or sleeping. As there was nothing unusual about these requests, both have been granted.

Description: SCP-3657 is a 244.6 cm tall 26 year old male weighing 124 kg. No abnormalities have been found in SCP-3657’s physical appearance, and SCP-3657 has displayed no anomalous properties at the time of documentation.

Observation team has not discovered anything anomalous regarding SCP-3657’s physiology, biochemistry, or psychology. Whether subject has cognitohazardous properties is unknown.

SCP-3657 was discovered by Field Agent Jonathan Reeding on 2/16/2019. Agent Reading was investigated reports of a reptilian humanoid in Detroit, Michigan. SCP-3657 approached investigation team and identified itself as the anomaly. Nothing unusual about it’s discovery or containment.

Following containment at Site-17, SCP-3657 has spent most of its time in the offices and records wing. SCP-3657’s frequent activities consist of reading documents and walks.


blah blah blah explanation blah blah blah maybe a "WARNING: CLASSIFIED INFORMATION" thing at the beginning for flair blah blah blah documents are grouped in one of these categories:

  • Foundation Standard Facilities (FSFs): documents relating to sites, wings, sections, and modules. basically, if it's related to architecture, it's in here.
  • Technology and Devices (Tech): devices and appliances used in Foundation facilities.
  • Protocol and Procedures (Paperwork): employee guides, request forms, and all the other fun stuff that bureaucracy has to offer! Maybe this should be given a separate hub, with tabs for templates, policies, and proposals. people with ideas for SCPs but can't come up with a narrative can add "Anomaly Aquisition Forms"
  • Armory (Armory): weapons, tools, and other equipment used by personnel.
  • Vehicle Bay (Garage): vehicles. might just be put under armory
  • Pharmacy (Rx): amnestics and other biology stuff
  • Miscellaneous: stuff that doesn't fall into any of the other categories

+= information for readers
blah blah blah some of these documents may seem confusing and/or boring if you aren't familiar with the fields involved blah blah blah these generally aren't going to have any narrative blah blah blah remember


If a document contradicts an SCP article, another document, or your own personal headcanon, that's OK. Unless it is either (1) too "off-concept", or (2) too silly in a bad way, there is nothing wrong with contradictions.

In-character, the Foundation's been around for a long time; they may have changed their policies during their history. Additionally, they're a global organization with many different facilities. different types of facilities may use diffeerent pieces of equipment, have special policies or equipment, etc. Also remember that even members that are lower on the chain of command, from site officers to head researchers to chiefs of security, can make their own policies and programs; just like how different states have additional laws. Not everything has to go through O5 command (if it did, the Foundation's efficency would be so bad the UIU would be laughing at it.)