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Item#: 6006
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6006 is to be kept in the Armory section of Site-19, with a label on it that says that it's SCP-6006. Only Mobile Task Force Members are allowed to use SCP-6006 for reasons outside of testing.

Description: SCP-6006 is a .44 Magnum Revolver that can hold 6 bullets. SCP-6006 can fill itself back up if left overnight, making SCP-6006 a useful tool for acquiring ammo, as these bullets can be taken out of SCP-6006 holds an unlimited amount of ammo, with the bullets seemingly overlapping each other. Anyone who holds SCP-6006 will be greeted by the voice of a man in their head. This voice claims to be SCP-6006, and can only be heard by the person who holds SCP-6006. SCP-6006 is quite a gentleman, being really polite to anyone who holds it.

The damage that SCP-6006 deals to an individual depends on their innocence. If the person that's being aimed at never committed any crimes, then SCP-6006 will jam. It will also jam if it's aimed at nothing that can be killed. Anybody that HAS committed a crime gets damaged an amount that depends on how many crimes they committed and the severity of the crimes they committed. The amount of damage has been shown to range from a slap if it was incredibly minor to the individual being blown to pieces if they have committed multiple terrible acts. During a terrorist’s assassination attempt, SCP-6006 seemed to remove the terrorist from existence when he was fired at. If the holder IS the one aimed at, then the gun also jams. If someone who has committed multiple crimes attempts to hold SCP-6006, their hand will be burnt. If they truly want forgiveness for their crimes, then they will be able to hold SCP-6006.

SCP-6006 is able to adjust what it shoots out. It’s been shown to fire a rope to save someone from falling, bullets that healed those wounded during a containment breach, and can hack keycard locks if the end of the barrel is held up against it.

SCP-6006 also apparently knows of an SCP-127-A, a replicating magazine that is able to quickly reload SCP-127. However, it currently doesn’t know its location.