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Contain the Bismarck

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SCP-XXXX in 1940.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation naval forces are to patrol SCP-XXXX's territory with no fewer than 3 battleships under the guise of the British Royal Navy. SCP-XXXX is to be monitored for the initiation of a Hostile State. During a Hostile State, naval forces are to engage SCP-XXXX until it reverts to a Passive State. Should SCP-XXXX attack a civilian vessel, survivors are to be recovered and processed in accordance with Maritime Disinformation Protocols.

From July through November, broadcasts from SCP-XXXX are to be recorded. These broadcasts are otherwise not to be interrupted.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a large cephalopoid organism housed inside the hull of the Bismarck, an anomalous German battleship sunk on 24/05/1941. It possesses a pair of octopoid eyes which protrude from the base of the Bismarck's superstructure, and twelve tentacles, ranging from 100 to 200 meters in length, that extend from an opening in the stern. Genetic testing of tissue samples found partial matches to human DNA (from multiple sources) and 29 species of marine life.

SCP-XXXX's biomass is fully integrated with, and capable of controlling, most of the Bismarck's systems. This includes the full armament of 8 main guns, 44 secondary guns, and 12 anti-aircraft guns1. SCP-XXXX is also capable of using the Bismarck's propellers to reach speeds approaching 40 knots, but has only been observed to do so while surfaced; while submerged, SCP-XXXX achieves locomotion primarily via tentacle motion, with an average speed of approximately 30 knots2. The integration also extends to healing processes, allowing SCP-XXXX to repair damage done to the Bismarck as if it were a wound in organic tissue.

SCP-XXXX spends the majority of its time in a Passive State. During such times, it remains submerged at a depth of ~500-1100 meters and seems to wander aimlessly throughout its territory. Monitoring teams report bursts of activity occurring roughly once a day during these periods; this is believed to be predatory behavior and is not normally cause for alarm.

At seemingly random intervals3, SCP-XXXX will rapidly surface and enter a Hostile State4. While in this state, SCP-XXXX will attempt to locate and sink any nearby civilian cargo ships. SCP-XXXX will abandon dangerous targets, retreating and returning to a Passive State if sufficiently damaged. Otherwise, SCP-XXXX will return to a Passive State after a median 9 hours.

On irregular nights between the months of July and November, SCP-XXXX will initiate a Broadcasting Event. During these events, SCP-XXXX will surface and broadcast radio transmissions in the direction of the constellation Delphinus. Despite the apparent extrasolar target of these transmissions, none of them have had a sufficient signal strength to reach even low Earth orbit. Analysis of these transmissions has found them to primarily consist of low-resolution videos and still images. Examples can be found below in Addendum 4.

Addendum 1 - History: The SCP-XXXX designation previously referred only to the Bismarck itself, which was believed to have been neutralized in 1941. A previous version of this document can be found below:

Due to a clerical error, this document had been filed under "Neutralized" rather than "Confirm Status". As a result, despite the object's Special Containment Procedures having called for a survey to confirm neutralization, no such survey was ever performed.

Addendum 2 - Rediscovery: On 16/02/1985, a team of civilian scientists conducted an expedition to locate the wreck of the Bismarck. Although the Foundation was aware of the plans for this expedition, news did not reach personnel aware of the nature of SCP-XXXX until after the expedition had already been launched. Contact was lost with the civilian research team before intervention was possible. A search of their last known location found a black box recorder from their submersible. Transcript follows:

The first sighting of SCP-XXXX in its current form was made shortly thereafter. It was responsible for sinking two cargo carriers and one cruise liner prior to the establishment of current containment procedures.

Cover stories were disseminated to explain the deaths of the researchers and the three lost vessels. Foundation misinformation teams constructed a replica of the Bismarck and sank it ~100 km east of the location of SCP-XXXX's rediscovery. Arrangements were then made for a high-profile civilian oceanographer to discover it on 08/06/1989.

Addendum 3 - Recovered Document: Following the collapse of the USSR and subsequent dissolution of GRU Division "P", the Foundation acquired a number of documents that GRU-P had recovered during the Soviet occupation of Germany. Among these documents was an internal Obskuracorps memo believed to be related to SCP-XXXX:

<Translated from the original German>

From: Dietrich Klossner
To: Karl Reuter
Subject: Black Forest Specimen

Commander Reuter,

The specimen's condition has finally stabilized, although it remains essentially comatose. Fortunately, this state of affairs suits our purposes. Oddly, most of the damage doesn't seem to have been caused by the crash, but I digress. I can explain more during your inspection next week if you're interested.
We estimate that the nutrient supplies recovered with the specimen will last at least another month. After analyzing some samples, the nutrients seem to be mostly carbon-based, with a few exotic ingredients that we should be able to synthesize. Progress on interfacing the specimen with modern electrical systems is also on schedule. Inform B&V that contract "F" should have its engine within the year.


A subsequent survey of the Black Forest located signs of a small impact crater tentatively dated to the early 20th century. Soil samples contained elevated levels of iridium, but were otherwise normal. Investigation into the "Black Forest Specimen" is ongoing.

Addendum 4 - Broadcasting Events: SCP-XXXX has been known to transmit as many as 80 images in a single Broadcasting Event. Many appear to depict similar subjects or events, albeit at different times or from different perspectives. Examples below:

Description Number Documented Notes
The christening of the Bismarck, as seen from points within the audience. Majority of instances focus on Adolf Hitler's speech at the event. 23 Scene is depicted in full color.
Assorted marine life. 82 All identified species are native to the northern Atlantic Ocean.
Planet Earth, as seen from space. The Moon is visible in 3 instances. 7 Based on movement of the moon between instances, perspective is approaching Earth.
The ocean during early morning. Large quantities of smoke are being produced by an object burning on the horizon. 11 Tentatively identified as the sinking of the HMS Hood, as seen from aboard the Bismarck.
A young woman turns to face the viewer and smiles. 1 The woman has yet to be identified.
View from aboard a battleship under fire from multiple other battleships. 38 Scene is consistent with the sinking of the Bismarck.
Videos depicting the planet Jupiter. 12 Viewpoint approaches the Great Red Spot [REDACTED BELOW CLEARANCE LEVEL 3/2399]

A full record of Broadcasting Events is available upon request.