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SCP-XXXX file photo

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX may be safely stored within any standard Small-Object Containment locker, within any site rated for safe-level object containment.

REVISION ██/██/████: The precise location of SCP-XXXX is currently unknown to the Foundation. Given the events surrounding loss of containment, it is expected to have returned to Earth sometime within three days of Breach Event XXXX-Alpha. Efforts are being made to locate the object and determine whether or not it was destroyed on impact.

Further data as well as a list of projected landing sites can be found in document #XXXX-017.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Russian-made Zorki-4 rangefinder camera with radically altered internal systems implementing paratechnological components. While all controls normally available in this model of camera exist, most have no actual use and appear to be purely aesthetic. The one exception to this is the shutter-release button - activating it will result in SCP-XXXX, as well as any object in direct contact with it, being transported to the first object to break a line drawn outward from the lens. Experimentation has failed to identify a maximum transport range.

The means by which "direct contact" is defined are currently unknown - clothing will reliably travel with the user, as well as any objects contained within the user's pockets, but other criteria vary. A robotic arm that activates the shutter-release button will be transported by SCP-XXXX, but the platform on which the arm is placed will not. It has been theorized that SCP-XXXX contains a form of artificial intelligence dictating what objects are transported, but this has not been confirmed.

Addendum XXXX-01: SCP-XXXX Experimentation Log

Experiment A - ██/██/████

Subject: D-9293, Female, age 35
Objective: To determine the safety of using SCP-XXXX to transport organic matter.
Log: D-9293 is provided with SCP-XXXX and instructed to aim the object at a target positioned at the opposite end of the room and activate it. D-9293 vanishes, and in the same frame of the recording, appears at the opposite side of the room, with the SCP-XXXX lens positioned three inches from the target.
Analysis: D-9293 was observed for three days after the experiment. No adverse effects to transport by SCP-XXXX were detected.

Experiment B - ██/██/████

Subject: D-9293, Female, age 35
Objective: To determine whether SCP-XXXX is capable of transporting matter around corners through the use of a mirror.
Log: Similar setup to Experiment A - with the noted difference of the target being around a corner, out of immediate sight of the subject. A mirror was positioned such that the target's reflection would be visible to the subject, and the subject was given SCP-XXXX. Upon activating the object, the subject was transported to within three inches of the mirror.
Analysis: The transportation mechanism used by SCP-XXXX does not rely upon light or any other type of signal that can be reflected. Consider timing future tests to establish the speed of transfer.

Experiment C - ██/██/████

Subject: D-9293, Female, age 35
Objective: To determine whether SCP-XXXX can be utilized as a means of faster-than-light travel.
Log: D-9293 is provided with SCP-XXXX and instructed to aim the object at a target positioned at the opposite end of one of Site-17s longest corridors at a range of 50m. Two precise atomic clocks are synchronized and positioned, one near the subject and one near the target, and connected with laser rangefinders to stop the clocks with the aim of measuring total transit time. Upon activating SCP-XXXX, D-9293 is transported to the target as expected. Comparison of the clocks reveals zero time elapsed during transit.
Analysis: This experiment has been run multiple times to confirm. It would appear that SCP-XXXX transports its passenger to its destination instantaneously.


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