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Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Safe


Provisional site-322 after deconstruction and containment.

Special Containment Procedures: To safely contain SCP-XXXX, it is to be kept in an air tight, soundproof, sealed heavy weight containment cell under light levels below 0.15 Lux.
Separate instances of SCP-XXXX should not be stored in a single cell and kept separate. Instances in proximity to each other tend to fuse and cannot be separated again. Fused instances pose a greater risk due to their larger surface area and increased weight making it more difficult to contain and move.

To safely observe SCP-XXXX, personnel should use sound blocking equipment at all times. Visual observation should be handled only through digital cameras.
If no digital method of visual observation is available, at least 2 personal must keep watch on SCP-XXXX at all times, confirming its current appearance with each other through at least 5 descriptive details at regular intervals or whenever one of them perceives a change.

To safely handle SCP-XXXX, it is best to use infrared-based night vision equipment and work at light levels of 0.15 lux or below.
Should light levels be above 0.15 lux, they should be lowered by covering all light sources or, if outside, construct a barrier to block out natural light.
It is important to note that natural moonlight is above 0.23 lux and therefore not sufficiently dark to safely handle SCP-XXXX.
All personnel must be equipped with hazmat suits while handling SCP-XXXX. If no hazmat suit is available in an emergency situation, avoid skin contact, avoid breathing in the air around SCP-XXXX and avoid contact with other personnel or civilians at all costs.
Personnel should use sound dampening devices and communicate only in sign language or writing.
Physical contact should be made via remote-controlled tools constructed out of inorganic materials. Should no remote-controlled equipment be available, SCP-XXXX should be held as far away from the personnel as physically possible with the tools available.
When storing SCP-XXXX for transport, the container used should adhere to the specifications for containment cells.
After handling any instance of SCP-XXXX, any personnel exposed to it must be put in quarantine and under observation for at least 2 weeks. Releasing them from quarantine requires two impartial medical examinations that confirms there are no trace instances of SCP-XXXX anywhere in their system.
All flora and fauna in at least a 50m range of an uncontained SCP-XXXX instance should be incinerated immediately.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an amorphous creature of varying size. It appears as a dark green to black moss growing along surfaces. The smallest instance seen had a surface area of 0.027m³, while the largest one measured 1422m³
At 21.4 g/cm³ it’s weight is disproportionately high for its mass, suggesting extremely high density. It’s chemical composition is primarily made out of a protein-rich fluid with 40% water, 8% sulfur and various traces of plant fiber and chloroplasts.
It is capable of disguising it’s appearance by using a sound transmitted cognitohazard that influences it’s victim's visual perception. It most often appears as objects that can be walked through or stepped on, such as doors, windows, arches, puddles or carpets.
Reports and tests confirm that it behaves much like an ambush predator, confusing and trapping it’s victims. It appears to be sentient, but not sapient.
SCP-XXXX can manifest portals anywhere on it’s surface. These transport anything that comes into contact with them, usually by being tricked via it’s visual camouflage, into another place. The means by which it does so and the true nature of that other place, including it’s dimensions and geography are unknown.
Anything inside is suspected to be slowly dissolved by an unknown corrosive agent.
The size of these portals is limited by the surface area of the SCP-XXXX instance.
After entering a portal, exiting appears to be difficult but possible. However, it does not appear like the entrance and exit portals are the same.
Being partially photosynthetic it seems to shut down and become inactive under low light conditions.
It is capable of autonomously moving it’s surface area around at a speed of at least 0.5 cm per second.
Separate instances of SCP-XXXX have been observed to fuse with each other when in close proximity. It is unclear whether instances are distinct at all or if SCP-XXXX is a singular instance with multiple disconnected surfaces.
SCP-XXXX was initially encountered in Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany, where it grew to encompass a basement, trapping several civilians and a police response unit inside before a Foundation MTF team arrived on the scene.