Item #: SCP-xxxx


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx-1 must be kept inside of a standard secure locker at containment facility-██. At least two guards must be stationed at SCP-xxxx-1's location at all times. An alarm being set on SCP-xxxx-1 without O5 level permission is strictly prohibited. SCP-xxxx-2 setting off SCP-xxxx-1 without authorization. Viewing of SCP-xxxx-1 via video surveillance is required at all times.

In the occasion of a nuclear detonation caused by SCP-xxxx, all personnel must be evacuated from the facility as soon as possible. This occurrence must be handled as an AD containment breach event, although must be carried out with extreme caution. A detonation of this capacity has the potential to breach or neutralize an indefinite number of other SCPs in the facility.

All testing on SCP-xxxx must be approved by O5-█ and Dr. ██████. Any violators will be punished accordingly. Due to SCP-xxxx's unpredictability, a remote, secluded area is desirable for testing its capabilities, though this is not required.
No testing on SCP-xxxx is allowed until further notice from O5-█ and Dr. ██████.

Description: SCP-xxxx-1 is a standard digital alarm clock made by the manufacturer [REDACTED]. It is a cube-shaped clock that is black in color with white digital numbers. In addition, SCP-xxxx-1 has a 1.25 meter power cord attached to the back side, although SCP-xxxx-1 has proven to function without being connected to any apparent power source. The interior contains a basic wiring system equivalent to any other alarm clock on the market. However, when any alarm goes off on SCP-xxxx-1, it will detonate in a large nuclear explosion. It is unknown how this occurs due to the fact that no explosives of any capacity have existed inside or in the vicinity of SCP-xxxx-1 when it has been activated in testing.

The person or object that sets the alarm gains the designation SCP-xxxx-2 once the nuclear detonation occurs. After this event, SCP-xxxx-1 and SCP-xxxx-2 will be completely unscathed and functioning, despite the detonation caused. Blast diameters from SCP-xxxx-1 have ranged from █ kilometers to ██ kilometers wide, though the size of explosion cannot yet be predicted. In all cases, though, SCP-xxxx-1's explosion has been larger than the previous. Future testing is required.

After SCP-xxxx-2 sets a timer on SCP-xxxx-1, they will begin to exhibit a change in behavior. Previous experiences and/or personalities do not seem to change this effect. These people have been reported to feel much more depressed and paranoid than how they felt before, typically preferring solitude. SCP-xxxx-2 will keep their interaction with other humans to a minimum and only speak in large quantities when alone. During their alone time, they have shown similar effects to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It should also be noted that SCP-xxxx-2 does not appear surprised by the powers of SCP-xxxx-1, deviating from common reactions in other personnel.

Camera footage and audio recordings have shown that SCP-xxxx-2 will hold up nearly nonsensical conversations with themselves when alone. These have all been loosely based on a doomsday for Earth, most likely relating to SCP-xxxx-1's increasing sizes of explosions. Both incidents regarding SCP-xxxx have shown this effect, along with the symptoms listed previously. A deeper understanding of this is nearly impossible because of SCP-xxxx-2's reluctance to communicate.

SCP-xxxx was first discovered in 19██ after an unexpected explosion near [DATA EXPUNGED] in Serbia. This explosion ranged from █ kilometers to ██ kilometers in diameter, although the exact size is uncertain. Investigations in the area began in order to decipher the source of the incident. SCP-xxxx-2 A was found soon after the event in the surrounding forest area. He was taken into custody by the Russian government and questioned, although refused to speak coherently during the majority of the interview. (see Interview xxxx-A) The Foundation took over the situation two weeks after the initial incident. SCP-xxxx-2 was terminated. An investigation in the area of the event began soon after. Agent ███ discovered SCP-xxxx-1 ██ years later and took it into site ██. Testing with it began in the █████ Desert. (see Test Log xxxx-A)

It is probable that SCP-xxxx-1 is

It is unknown where SCP-xxxx originated or how SCP-xxxx-2 A obtained the object, although the information gained from SCP-xxxx-2 A points to the fact that it came from an extraterrestrial source. This is due to lack of information gained from this subject in the interview conducted. In addition, this model of alarm clock had not yet been designed as of SCP-xxxx-1's discovery in 1932. The design team at [REDACTED] have claimed to have not been aware of SCP-xxxx-1's existence, although investigation is still underway.


Audio recording of Interview xxxx-A

Interviewer: Detective Andrew Mills
Interviewee: SCP-xxxx-2 A

3/█, 19██ in [REDACTED], Russia


[Detective Mills is heard entering the room and sitting down]

Detective Mills: I'm just going to ask you a few questions, here. If you refuse to answer these questions, there will be consequences. Understood?

[SCP-xxxx-2 A gives no audible response]

Detective Mills: Not the talkative type, eh? Well, moving on. First question: did you or did you not set off the nuclear detonation on the morning of June ██?

SCP-xxxx-2 A: [Mumbles under breath]

Detective Mills: Please repeat your response louder.

SCP-xxxx-2 A: [Clearer] No.

Detective Mills: Okay, then do you have any idea who or what did do it?

[SCP-xxxx-2 A is silent]

Detective Mills: [Angrily] Are you going to say something or just willingly get executed? What happened on the morning of June ██?

SCP-xxxx-2 A: I found it. [Pauses] The item that will prosper off of man's curiosity. The item that came from the comet. The item that has cursed this Earth. The item whose trap I have already fallen into. It is not too late yet. It is not too late to save this world from a doomsday.

Detective Mills: Could you please elaborate on this object you found?

SCP-xxxx-2 A: A clock. A clock with great power. But with this power, befalls many problems.

Detective Mills: Could you tell me the location of this object you have found?

SCP-xxxx-2 A: No.

Detective Mills: [Groans] Can you at least tell me your name?

SCP-xxxx-2 A: I am the first victim of-

Detective Mills: Yeah, I get it, you like to speak in prophecies. Just tell me your real name, or I'll set up your execution immediately.

[SCP-xxxx-2 A refuses to respond]

Detective Mills: We're going to need some extra help with this.

[Detective Mills is heard opening a door and leaving the room]


Test Log xxxx-A

Conductor: Dr. ██████ from 5/██ to 5/██, 19██ at a remote testing area in the █████ desert.
Carried out with MTF unit Omicron-15 "Regulators" and Dr. ██████ prepped in a bunker 20 miles away from the testing site
Subject: D-2654 (SCP-xxxx-2 B) is a 32 year old Caucasian male away from a life sentence in prison for heroin trafficking.

Test 1: D-2654 is asked to change the time on the clock to each hour of the day.
Result: Subject complies with the order and proceeds with testing. SCP-xxxx-1 gives no response to any of the times it is set to.

Test 2: D-2654 is asked to set an alarm for 8:50 PM that will go off in 15 minutes
Result: Subject accepts request and sets an alarm that will go off at 8:50. D-2654 is told to open SCP-xxxx-1 with the screwdriver given. Subject reports nothing unusual about its interior. SCP-xxxx-1 detonates at exactly 15 minutes, creating a nuclear explosion ██ km in diameter, much larger in size than the detonation near [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-xxxx-1 and SCP-xxxx-2 B are successfully recovered by MTF-Omicron-15 from the explosion, both still functioning.

Test 3: SCP-xxxx-2 B is asked to set an alarm for 10:30 AM that will go off in 2 minutes
Result: SCP-xxxx-2 B denies this request and begins threatening Dr. ██████ with violence. Two Omicron-15 personnel attempt to retrieve SCP-xxxx-2 B, but subject deviates and sets an alarm that will go off in 20 minutes as the result of a panic attack. SCP-xxxx-2 B is terminated on sight. Both Omicron-15 personnel are unable to escape the blast radius before the alarm. Both are presumed to have been terminated by the explosion. The size of SCP-xxxx-1's explosion increased exponentially from the previous test, now having been ██ kilometers in diameter.

Future testing on SCP-xxxx temporarily cancelled by Site Director ███████