Item #: SCP-xxxx


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx-1 must be kept inside of a standard secure locker at Site ██. Two guards must be stationed at SCP-xxxx-1's location at all times. An alarm being set on SCP-xxxx-1 without O5 level permission is strictly prohibited. If SCP-xxxx-2 has activated an alarm without authorization, him/her must be terminated as soon as possible. Viewing of SCP-xxxx-1 via video surveillance is required 24/7.

In the occasion of a "Doomsday Event" caused by SCP-xxxx, all personnel must be evacuated from the facility as soon as possible. This occurrence must be handled as an AD containment breach event, although must be carried out with extreme caution. A "Doomsday Event" has the potential to breach or neutralize an indefinite number of other SCPs in the facility.

All testing on SCP-xxxx must be approved by O5-█ and Dr. ██████. Any violators will be punished accordingly. Due to SCP-xxxx's unpredictability, a remote, secluded area is desirable for testing its capabilities, though this is not required. Threatening public safety during testing is strictly prohibited and is punishable by immediate termination.
No testing on SCP-xxxx is allowed until further notice.

Description: SCP-xxxx-1 appears to be a standard issue digital alarm clock made by the manufacturer [REDACTED]. It is a square clock that is black in color with white digital numbers. The inside contains a basic wiring system equivalent to any other alarm clock on the market. However, when any alarm goes off on SCP-xxxx-1, it will detonate in a large nuclear explosion. It is unknown how this occurs due to the fact that no explosives of this capacity exist inside or in the vicinity of SCP-xxxx-1. After this event occurs, SCP-xxxx-1 and will be completely unscathed and in working order by the detonation it caused.

This occurrence is referred to as a "Doomsday Event", with the person or object that sets the alarm being SCP-xxxx-2. The explosion caused by SCP-xxxx-1 will not harm SCP-xxxx-2 in any way. Any SCPs that are susceptible to damage and are in the facility at the time of the explosion will most likely be completely destroyed. It should also be noted that the power of this explosion is very dangerous with its nuclear fallout and overall unpredictability of time before the explosion. Blast diameters have ranged from █ kilometers to ██ kilometers wide, though the size of explosion cannot yet be predicted. In all cases, though, SCP-xxxx-1's explosion has been larger than the previous one. Future testing is required.

SCP-xxxx was first discovered in 19██ at a [REDACTED] facility in ██████, Oregon where SCP-xxxx-1 was detonated by SCP-xxxx-2, a product tester with the name [REDACTED]. An alarm was set on SCP-xxxx-1 as a test for the product, but only caused a █ kilometer wide nuclear explosion from within the facility. This event resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-xxxx-2 was interviewed by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation about the situation. Interviewee openly talked about how a clock that was tested counted down to the exact time of the blast. SCP-xxxx-2 was given class A amnesiacs. Agent ███ took control and searched the [REDACTED] facility's remains. They later discovered SCP-xxxx-1 and took it into site ██. They began testing with it in the █████ Desert. (see Test Log xxxx-A)


Test Log xxxx-A
Conducted By Dr. ██████ on █/██/██ from █:██ ██:██ P.M.

Subject: D-2654 is a 32 year old Caucasian male away from a life sentence in prison for heroin
Test 1: D-2654 is asked to change to time on the clock to each hour of the day.
Result: Subject complies with the order and proceeds with testing. SCP-xxxx-1 gives no response
to any of the times set to.

Test 2: D-2654 is asked to set an alarm for █:██ that will go off in 15 minutes
Result: Subject accepts request and sets an alarm that will go off at █:██ in 15 minutes.
D-2654 is told to open SCP-xxxx-1 with the screwdriver given. Subject reports nothing
unusual about its interior. SCP-xxxx-1 detonates at exactly 15 minutes, creating a nuclear
explosion █.█ km in diameter, much larger in size than the detonation at the [REDACTED]
facility. SCP-xxxx-1 and SCP-xxxx-2 are successfully recovered by MTF-Omicron-15
"Acoustic Cubes" from the explosion, both completely healthy.

Test 3: D-2654 is asked to set an alarm at ██:██ that will go off in 2 minutes
Result: D-2654 denies this request and begins threatening Dr. ██████ with violence. Two
Omega-86 Security personnel attempt to retrieve D-2654, but subject deviates and sets
an alarm that will go off in 1 minute. Security personnel terminate SCP-xxxx-2. Both
Omega-86 security personnel are unable to escape the blast radius before the alarm.
Both are presumed to have been terminated by the explosion. The size of SCP-xxxx's
explosion increased exponentially from the previous test, now having been ██ kilometers
in diameter.

Future testing on SCP-xxxx temporarily cancelled by Site Director ███████