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SCP-4547 in 2005, 73 years after discovery

Item #: SCP-4547

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4547-1 must be kept inside of a standard secure locker 10 kilometers (6.2137 miles) below surface level under containment facility-██. The room in which SCP-4547-1 is contained must be surrounded by at least 10' thick concrete and plated with 3" thick blast-resistant steel. At least two guards must always be stationed at SCP-4547-1's location. Viewing of SCP-4547-1 via video surveillance is required at all times. An alarm being set without O5 level permission is strictly prohibited. Any violations are grounds for immediate termination.

All mentions of the name "Naancanius" from non-Foundation sources are to be reported to O5-█. Subjects relating to the event are to be taken in for interrogation, followed by the administration of class-A amnesiacs. In the event that allegations of "Naancanius" are proven true, all civilian witnesses and suspects are to be terminated.

In the occasion of an unplanned detonation event caused by SCP-4547, all personnel must be evacuated from the facility as soon as possible. Such an occurrence must be handled similarly to an AD-level containment breach and must be carried out with extreme caution. A detonation of this capacity has the potential to breach or neutralize an indefinite number of other SCPs in the facility, along with causing severe structural damage to the surrounding underground area.

All testing on SCP-4547 must be approved by O5-█ and Dr. ██████. All violators will be punished accordingly. Due to SCP-4547's unpredictability, a remote, secluded area is desirable for testing its capabilities, though this is not required.
Testing on SCP-4547 discontinued until further notice from Site Director ███████.

Description: SCP-4547-1 is a standard digital alarm clock, identical to a model made by the manufacturer [REDACTED]. It is a black, cube-shaped clock with white digital numbers. SCP-4547-1 has a 1.25 meter power cord attached to the back side, although it has proven to function without being connected to any power source. The interior contains a basic wiring system similar to any other alarm clock on the market. However, any alarm set on SCP-4547-1 will generate a large nuclear explosion in the surrounding area when the set time is reached. It is unknown how this occurs due to the fact that no explosives of any capacity have existed inside or in the vicinity of SCP-4547-1 when it has been activated in testing.

A person gains the designation SCP-4547-2 once they set an alarm on SCP-4547-1. The collective group of SCP-4547-1 and all instances of SCP-4547-2 have been designated SCP-4547. After this event, SCP-4547-1 and SCP-4547-2 will be completely unscathed and functioning, despite the explosion. Blast diameters from SCP-4547-1 have ranged from █ kilometers to ██ kilometers wide. Although the exact size is not predictable, each blast diameter is larger than the previous. Future testing is required to detect a pattern in the growth of explosions.

After an individual sets an alarm on SCP-4547-1, they will begin to exhibit a change in behavior. Previous experiences and/or personalities do not change this effect. Those under the effect of SCP-4547-1 have reported feelings of depression and paranoia, typically preferring solitude. SCP-4547-2 instances will speak in an indirect way, giving cryptic hints or speaking of ideas beyond the knowledge of the Foundation. It will tend to direct conversation to topics related to SCP-4547-1 and "Naancanius" but does not give answers to any personal questions. During their alone time, they have shown similar effects to schizophrenia. It should also be noted that SCP-4547-2 does not appear surprised by the powers of SCP-4580-1, deviating from common reactions in other personnel.

Camera footage, audio recordings, and interrogations have shown that any SCP-4547-2 instances are knowledgeable about SCP-4547-1 and its origin. Instances of SCP-4547-2 seem to know an extensive amount about SCP-4547-1, and both known SCP-4547-2 instances' knowledge about the topic are identical. Both incidents regarding SCP-4547 have shown the symptoms listed previously. A deeper understanding of these is extremely difficult because of SCP-4547-2's reluctance to share personal information or thoughts, even in life-threatening circumstances.

SCP-4547 was first discovered in 19██ after an unexpected explosion near [DATA EXPUNGED] in Russia. This explosion ranged from █ kilometers to ██ kilometers in diameter, although the exact size is uncertain. Investigations in the area began in order to decipher the source of the incident. SCP-4580-2 A was found soon after the event in the surrounding forest area. No known records exist of SCP-4547-2 A's existence. He was taken into custody by the Russian government and questioned, although refused to speak coherently during the majority of the interview (see Interview 4580-A.) SCP-4547-2 A was terminated shortly after this interview. The Foundation took over the situation two weeks after the initial incident. An investigation in the area of the event began soon after. Agent ███ discovered SCP-4547-1 ██ years later and took it into site ██. Testing with it began in the █████ Desert (see Test Log 4580-A.)

SCP-4547-1 is unavailable for testing and will likely remain this way until a deeper understanding of SCP-4547 is found. Research studies on SCP-4547-1's capabilities are currently underway, and testing on SCP-4547 is likely to resume in the near future to learn more about the object's capabilities and origins.

Information gathered from SCP-4547-2 A say that SCP-4547-1 landed on Earth inside of a comet sent from an unknown location. This event became known as [DATA EXPUNGED] to the general public in 19██. SCP-4547-2 A also spoke about a being called "Naancanius," although no records of such being have been discovered. It was also implied that "Naancanius" sent the comet containing SCP-4547-1 as a way to commission a test on humans. Motives behind this are unknown. The information obtained from SCP-4547-2 A (and SCP-4547-2 B picked up from audio recording devices) has not been proven to be true, although should be taken into consideration because of SCP-4547-2's anomalous understanding of SCP-4547-1.

This style and form of alarm clock had not yet been designed as of SCP-4547-1's discovery in 1932. The company [REDACTED] made a model of alarm clock identical to SCP-4547-1's model in [REDACTED], 20██. The design team has claimed to have not been aware of SCP-4547-1's existence, although investigation is still underway. No models of alarm clock identical to SCP-4547-1 are permitted to be sold to the public through any means.


Audio recording of Interview 4547-A (translated from Russian to English)

Interviewer: Detective Aleksy Valentin

Interviewee: SCP-4547-2 A

Foreword: Interview carried out at an unknown location in Russia

3/█, 19██

Test Log 4580-A

Conductor: Dr. ██████ from 5/██ to 5/██, 19██ at a remote testing area in the █████ desert.
Carried out with MTF unit Omicron-15 "Regulators" and Dr. ██████ prepped in a bunker 20 miles away from the testing site
Subject: D-2654 (SCP-4547-2 B) is a 32 year old Caucasian male.

Test 1: D-2654 is asked to change the time on the clock to each hour of the day.
Result: Subject complies with the order and proceeds with testing. SCP-45474-1 gives no response to any of the times it is set to.

Test 2: D-2654 is asked to set an alarm for 8:50 PM that will go off in 15 minutes
Result: Subject accepts request and sets an alarm that will go off at 8:50 PM. D-2654 is told to open SCP-4547-1 with the screwdriver given. Subject reports nothing unusual about its interior. SCP-4547-1 detonates at exactly 15 minutes, creating a nuclear explosion ██ km in diameter, much larger in size than the previous detonation near [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-4547-1 and SCP-4547-2 B are successfully recovered by MTF-Omicron-15 from the explosion, both still functioning.

Test 3: SCP-4547-2 B is asked to set an alarm for 10:30 AM that will go off in 2 minutes
Result: SCP-4547-2 B denies this request and begins threatening Dr. ██████ with violence. He claims that Dr. ██████ is committing a crime against humanity. Two Omicron-15 personnel attempt to retrieve SCP-4547-2 B, but subject deviates and sets an alarm that will go off in 20 minutes as the result of a panic attack. SCP-4547-2 B is terminated on sight. Both Omicron-15 personnel are unable to escape the blast radius before the alarm. Both are presumed to have been terminated by the explosion. The size of SCP-4547-1's explosion increased exponentially from the previous test, now having been ██ kilometers in diameter.

Future testing on SCP-4547 temporarily cancelled by Site Director ███████