Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP XXXX 1-36 and 38-48 are to be stored in a windowless, locked, storge room with one security camera watching the entrance, at Site ██. They are to be labeled with permanent ink with the numbers one through forty-eight (1-48) with no number thirty-seven (37). Once a week, one staff member accompanied by two armed guards will count SCP XXXX 1-36 and 38-48 to assure none are missing,(except for SCP XXXX 37, which is expected to be absent). Under no circumstances are personnel to sit in SCP XXXX 1-48. Any personnel who sit in SCP XXXX 1-48 are to be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP XXXX 1-48 are a set of forty-seven (47, previously forty-eight) dining chairs formerly used in the C███████████ Cafe in █████████████, Colorado, prior to it's closure on ██/██/1998. Although the cafe was closed due to healthcode violations, all cases of food poisoning that lead to the C███████████ Cafe's closure appear to have been regular food poisoning completely unrelated to SCP XXXX 1-48. The former location of the C███████████ Cafe was purchased on ██/██/2018 by S█ L███████, and the anomalous properties of SCP XXXX 1-48 were discovered when Mr. L███████ began displaying bizarre symptoms unlike any known disease. Suspecting a case of [REDACTED] he was taken into foundation custody.

SCP XXXX 1-48 are immune to damage of any kind, including incineration and acid exposure, thus they are in pristine condition, despite their age. At any time after a subject sits in SCP XXXX 1-48, they will become sick after eating. The sickness will have the same symptoms as food poisoning at first, but the symptoms will deviate after 9 hours. The most common symptoms recorded after deviation include boils, seizures, hemophilia, kidney failure, and what can only be described as liquification of the eyeballs. After deviation, subjects will display a new symptom every 1-4 hours. The sickness will not kill subjects, who will be able to survive symptoms far beyond what most humans are capable of. Subjects will only die when killed, by others or themselves, and do not require food or water. The sickness does not appear to ever go away or slow its progression, and medication has little effect on it. When given food or water, the subject will vomit it out immediately. It appears as though the sickness is intended to make subjects suffer for as long as possible.

As of ██/██/2019, SCP XXXX 37 is missing from the collection, and is presumed to be stolen for [REDACTED] purposes. Personnel are required to step forward with any information they have regarding SCP XXXX 37's possible whereabouts.