SCP-5209 "Empty Eating"

Item#: SCP-5209

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel are instructed to watch over SCP-5209 over a period of 24 hours once every first of the month with yearly annual reports indicative of all size changes. Routine mental and physical evaluations to select personnel are to be given once every six months with any and all changes in mental and physical capabilities properly recorded and archived.

Description: SCP-5209 is a spacial anomaly located around 343 million light years from Earth nestled in the empty spaces of the Universe about 25 million light years from an elliptical galaxy. The anomaly is completely invisible under all spectrum of light including visible, X-Ray, Ultraviolet and Gamma. It produces no forms of heat or energy, does not interact with any of the matter surrounding it and has no indication of gravitational pull. All forms of detection, whether physical or technological have proved impossible. The only way to detect the anomaly is through study of physical or technological activity focused upon the area that SCP-5209 is located.

Direct contact, whether physical or digital such as sight or data transmission such as radio waves directed at SCP-5209 will completely shut off all physical or digital activity as long as focus is set upon SCP-5209.

It is hypothesized that SCP-5209 is a 10 light year section of complete nothingness and nonexistence. Where all things in reality, including both matter, gravity and space have inexplicably vanished. It erases all forms of existence when focused upon including all forms of mental and digital activity. Because of the relative size and vast distance of SCP-5209, focus upon the anomaly is both difficult to do and easy to ignore. Even the best visual acuity will only present about .00000042% of SCP-5209 form to the naked eye. Because of this, negative impacts of SCP-5209 only occur during purposeful focus on the anomaly through technological means.

Report #01 from Doctor ████████

"It was by complete accident that we discovered the anomaly during a routine brain scan of a personnel. During the scan, we noticed that brain activity upon ████████ completely vanished for a period of about .0045 seconds before activity returned. The patient reported no signs of changes to his mental or physical capabilities and it was deemed a mistake by the machine. When brain activity of the patient continued to stop between periods of .018 seconds and .00052 seconds, we decided to change equipment, only to find that the anomaly continued to occur.

Together with my colleagues, we discovered that failure of brain activity occurred when personnel ████████ was focused upon a specific area, a window located 2.4 meters from the operating table. Continuous experimentation expressed constant decline of ████████'s brain activity, never lasting for more than a few milliseconds at most and never expressing any negative consequences on the patient. Deeming the problem to be the window in question, it was removed and the wall repaired.

Further scans of both ████████ and later patients showed no changes in brain activity. However further inspection and evaluation expressed zero notable changes with the window that had been removed. It was deemed to be nothing more than a regular window, made up of steel, wood and reinforced glass. It was then suggested by my colleague that the anomaly may not have been occurring inside the room at all but outside near the area where the window was first located.

Report #02 from Doctor ████████

We began experimentation outside facility walls with patient ████████, focusing eye contact on similar areas of location seen from the initial window. Twice brain activity was halted to a stop for less than .0010 seconds though no correlation between the effects and the location of the anomaly could be detected.

Report #03 from Doctor ████████

We decided the best option was to map the location of sight of patient ████████ by implementing visual devices to keep track and focus ocular movement. Once focused upon the anomaly, the visual device would keep patient ████████'s sight situated on the location for 10-15 seconds.

Report #04 from Doctor ████████

"Location of the anomaly was discovered and pinpointed later to be about 343 million light years from earth by measuring the visual distance of patient's ████████ visual gaze. Patient ████████brain activity shut off for 15 seconds before the device was removed and visual sight on the anomaly was redirected.

Report #05 from Doctor ████████

Patient ████████has shown zero signs of improvement from interaction with now named SCP-5209. 30% of ████████'s memory and mental capabilities have been completely wiped out. Subject now functions at the age expected of an eight year old.

Report #06 from Doctor ████████

In an attempt to help patient ████████, we repeated the experimentation, focusing sight upon the anomaly for 10 seconds. Results lead to ████████losing 70% of mental capabilities, now reduced to the stage of a three year old and unable to care for himself. We were instructed to continue the experiment one more time at which focus upon SCP-5209 for another 10 seconds lead to total shut down of all mental and physical activities for the patient.

Final Report from Doctor ████████

"There have been zero improvements to patient ████████ in the last week and has been pronounced clinically dead. There were no signs of external damage to either ████████'s internal or external body and there was no damage discovered upon the brain tissue of the patient. Experimentation has ended and will be further evaluated by the SCP Foundation.

Recorded Interview between Doctor ████████and ████████

████████ "So what did you conclude from the experiment with SCP-5209?"

Doctor ████████ "It's hard to explain, all the data gathered only paints a vague picture but after much study I have come with a conclusion."

████████ "And what would that be?"

Doctor ████████ smiles kindly and shrugs his shoulders.

Doctor ████████ "It is nothing."

████████ "You mean there was no anomaly?"

Doctor ████████ "No, I meant that very literally, there is nothing there. It's not even space but to explain it easier, there is a location located 343 million lights years from us, measuring about 10 light years across that is nonexistence."

████████ "You're not making any sense Doctor."

Doctor ████████ "For some reason the location I described was utterly shut off from the rest of reality. A place, for lack of better words that produces no forms of reality. When the brain focuses upon that location for any period of time it shuts down because there is nothing to process. Quite literally nothing to process. After all, you can't form memories or have internal or external activity if what is being focused upon does not exist. The brain can't comprehend focus upon absolute nothingness, a machine can't gather data on something that doesn't exist. It builds up, leading to irreparable damage."

████████ "Do you believe SCP-5209 to be dangerous?"

Doctor ████████ "No, at the time it is impossible to focus on SCP-5209 for more than a few milliseconds at most with the unaided eye. You could go outside now, stare at the patch of stars for hours at it's location and you'd never even know your brain had stopped 50 times. There is too much distance in both SCP-5209's location and visual acuity to matter and the effects are too short termed to be detrimental."

████████ "But reports indicate that SCP-5209 may be growing. What do you believe should be done about that?"

Doctor ████████ "What can be done? Maybe it will stop growing or shrink. Perhaps the expanding universe will keep the ever growing anomaly from ever reaching us. But this is a battle I don't think we can win. We may not be around when it happens but if the Earth was still here and people were still living, in a few million or even billions of years, they would look up at the sky and remember nothing. They would stare, transfixed at neither light nor matter, never realizing that they have eternally stopped thinking. Those who are smart will stare at the ground, never looking up, moving down into the earth to escape from a threat that was never there to begin with. But even they will vanish as the anomaly grows, swallowing the Earth, the planets, the stars, the galaxy and it will continue to grow. Always eating, always growing larger over the starry skies without end as the Universe continues to expand."

Doctor ████████ looks up at the ceiling

Doctor ████████ "The Universe is being deleted. Something is deleting and eating the Universe. At some point there will be nothing, no memory, no data, no indication that anything ever existed here. Life located billions of light years from here will turn their alien telescopes to the Milky Way and see nothing. They will only see the stars that haven't been effected and wonder what this thing that has no meaning is? But it will be the same for them too. It will eat them. SCP-5209 will eat and eat and always be hungry and it will either continue to eat eternally or gobble up the known Universe."

████████ Doesn't that bother you? Everything that we know, that has ever existed will be gone."

Doctor ████████ "████████, you know better than me the dangers the Universe possesses. There are so many monsters and terrors, things that would drive peopled insane if they saw them. This entire facility contains countless anomalies that could destroy a man's sanity in the blink of an eye. If being put to an eternal and peaceful sleep, without fear of nightmares or terrors was the worst thing to happen to us, I'd consider that a blessing. I mean, why should you worry? Nothing is happening."

End Interview

Annual Report of Section ████████

Yearly Report #1
Report: SCP-5209 increased size by 24 pixels.

Yearly Report #2
Report: SCP-5209 increased size by 20 pixels from last report.

Yearly Report #3
Report: SCP-5209 shows zero changes from last report.

Yearly Report #4
Report: SCP-5209 shows zero changes from last report.

Yearly Report #5
Report: SCP-5209 decreased size by 14 pixels from last report.

Yearly Report #6
Date: ████████
SCP-5209 increased size by 17 pixels from last report

Yearly Report for Files #7-18 stored away.