Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of the anomaly, containment is impossible. MTF Gamma-5 “Red Herrings” monitor worldwide hospital and census data and disseminates misinformation regarding worldwide birth rates. Class A-amnesiacs are to be administered to any person or organization that may become aware of an anomalous trend in birth rates related to SCP-XXX.

D – Class Personnel impregnated in the first two weeks of July are to be assigned to Taskforce Stork. Any D-Class personnel who survive testing will be administered Class-A Amnesiacs and reassigned. If there is an insufficient number of qualified D-Class Personnel, the foundation will enact Procedure 230-Siredam.

Description: SCP –XXX is a phenomenon that happens on April 9th every calendar year. During this 24 hour period no live human births have been observed since the year 1990. Births apparently cease to take place after 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time, April 8th and then resume normally on 12:01 AM Mountain Standard Time, April 10th. The anomaly appears to apply only to live human births. Abortions and miscarriages do not deviate statistically during this time period. The mechanism or reason for this is currently unknown. Possible explanations that have been researched are:

  • Position and proximity of the Sun, planets and other celestial bodies to earth
  • Biological response to flora or a microorganism
  • Actions of the [REDACTED] fertility cult. Refer to file SCP-[REDACTED] (all known members of this organization have been neutralized by foundation personnel)
  • Abnormality in Earth’s Magnetic Field

The Foundation has attempted to artificially induce live birth during this time period. All attempts have resulted in a 100% infant mortality rate and a 72% mother mortality rate. Autopsy reports have yet to reveal an apparent cause of death in all instances. Testing will continue annually.