God Eater

Item #: SCP-5000-J

Object Class: Keter Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: At the moment SCP-5000-J has no real containment cell. Due to it's massive size, SCP-5000-J has been placed into a rift in time opened by SCP-███-█. If SCP-5000-J is to escape containment it could mean the end of the facility or worse, the end of the world.

Description: SCP-5000-J is a giant mix of all sorts of animals. It has four legs and two arms. It uses it's huge mouth to inhale food. SCP-5000-J uses its sharp legs to stab through it's prey. SCP-682 was placed into the rift with SCP-5000-J and SCP-5000-J wasn't able to pierce SCP-682's body, resorting into SCP-5000-J's roar which can frighten anything that hears it. Reportedly fifty-six D-Class personnel haven't been able to sleep after hearing it's roar.


Dr. Bright is not allowed to interact with SCP-5000-J after he tried to "mate" with SCP-5000-J when it was young. SCP-5000-J has been able to control the minds of other SCPs. SCP-5000-J has controlled SCP-███, SCP-███, and SCP-███████-█. SCP-5000-J is now under watch from a drone that was put into the rift on 12-3-2018.

The rift is now sealed off because of what everyone thinks will be the doomsday of the facility. SCP-5000-J has been mind controlling personnel and have controlled SCP-096, SCP-049, SCP-4999, SCP-939, SCP-193-J, and SCP-001 to do it's bidding and breach containment. Everyone in the facility stay alert. Everyone shall stay alert until March 2019 (the month Dr-████ has predicted the chaos will end)