Goddess of CPB

Item #: POI-4329, potential SCP-4000

Object Class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: POI-4329 is to be kept in a standard D-Class holding cell, modified to be 20 feet long, 25 feet wide, and 45 feet tall, with minimal lighting, if plausible, no lighting. Due to the no lighting requirements, NVG's are to be at the main entrance if POI-4329's containment and viewing room. As well, motion sensors should be installed in the containment, along with several guarantees to maintain a temperature of 95 ℉. The opening to the chamber must consist of at least two temperature-controlled and airtight chambers that may be sealed in case of emergency. POI-4329 is allowed the objects inside a standard D-Class cell, but modified to have more room to keep POI-4329 from entering a rage state. It should be brought any items it requests and visited by at least three staff member each day. Attempts to add further safety precautions are impossible due to the nature of POI-4329 (see description). When interacting with POI-4329 (unless for research purposes, or others) a hazmat suit should be worn, or a gasmask with no skin showing, and a marking of a unique nature upon visiting personnel to prevent POI-4329 from shapeshifting into said personnel. POI-4329 can control people with skin contact or with her green smoke that she has coming out of her that contains [REDACTED] which creates a hive mind.

Description: POI-4329 is a female, seemingly race-less, humanoid in appearance with apparent omnipotence. POI-4329 was discovered, after making a paralyzed man walk again in Greece, as well as speak, Agents were quick to detain the subject. POI-4329 is detained willingly in her chamber, as containment has proved impossible (See addendum).

Addendum #4329-1: "POI-4329, colloquially nicknamed 'Dolos' by the staff here, looks like an older woman, although her features are different to each observer. In my first talk with her, she claimed outright to be the creator of the universe, and the "all powerful Mekhane's warrior" When I asked her to prove this, she laughed, walked through the wall of the chamber, and returned seconds later with a bomb (Was confiscated, not arched luckily) in her hand. When I returned for a second visit, the previously bare cell had been furnished in up-scale, set up to mock a CD's cell, and seemed many times larger than it did from the exterior. POI-4329 greatly enjoys speaking with people, and seems to have a knowledge of all topics. Visiting with POI-4329 has become a daily event for many of the staff here, and all employees report feeling generally happier or confused, after each visit. Attempts to bar staff below Level 3 clearance have proven unsuccessful, as guards assigned to watch the room quit their posts, saying 'You know She likes company' or shrugging when questioned. Since POI-4329 has thus far been semi harmless, all staff have been allowed access, with L-1+, or SD approval, and somehow they all have time to meet with her for as long as they need. For now, I leave this report open as further questioning of POI-4329 is ongoing." - Dr. Kondraki

Addendum #4329-2: "After a breach, restrictions were made as we found out that tight and or enclosed spaces, [REDACTED BY O5 COMMAND] contact with Dr Bright, and bright lights tend to bring POI-4329 into an enraged state and triggers a ███████ reaction with POI-4329, where she can reach up to 4000 degrees Fahrenheit. Further note, POI-4329 is not allowed to go in contact with Dr. Bright" - Dr. Clef

Addendum #4329-3: "I have conducted a lighting test and temperature test on POI-4329, after a couple of breaches, I have determined that temperatures of 95 to 100 ℉ with no lighting in the room at all causes her to enter a docile state, whereupon she does not move at all. After removing these conditions, POI-4329 began moving around and stated 'That was an excellent nap' on the firsr try, and on the second 'What a wonderful meditation I had'. I also noted that she eats mostly human flesh, or raw meat. She can eat normal food, though she doesn't find this enjoyable. Tests are still recommended and ongoing as we haven't discovered everything she can do yet. She also thought it was funny to play a prank on me by [REDACTED BY O5 COMMAND]." -Dr. Cool

Addendum #4329-4: "It has been discovered that POI-4329 is mostly machine, and now is discovered that she, herself is a piece of what the GOI, Church of the Broken God call, a piece of Mekhane. It is theorized she is the brains. Unknown if it is true, no CBG personnel are to get near her, UNLESS it's for testing. We also need a maintenance detail assembled for checks on her regularly, frequently at that" -Dr Gears