Group #: GOI-17635, "Him",

Awaiting Information.

Information: Group #: GOI-17635, "Him" is a POI/GOI comprised of a Alien from god knows what named "Him", | This highly dangerous Alien "Him", is often seen by others as this.

"Missing ID"

:Wears a brown detective hat or fedora.

:Has the average of a normal persons eyes but the color of "Him", eyes are red in "His" pupils.

:has orange hair/wears a brown detective coat with a hider covering the mouth.

["Him", is highly dangerous as a scp or a unknown entity. this unknown enity or scp powers are very unknown but "Him", should be listed as a threat to everyone across the world.]

:The main goal of this GOI/POI of "Him", Is to kill everyone and everything and then take over by the most brutal deaths the world has seen. "Him", Has killed 10 people so far and is currently killing more people. "Him", Is often mistakenly as a cult but that is not the case. this entity also cannot be stopped contained or killed as no other GoI can stop this thing from killing everyone and everything however accept if it is only one person it be really slow to kill everyone that would be the downside of this entity however this entity is currently being faster. this being can however turn to anyone or anything "him", wants but the unknown entity can be killed but always not for long.. "Him", Is a Foreign Creature of a unknown kind all logs of this thing are corrupted and broken]

Departments or other "Sects" of GOI-17635, "Him",

Group #: GOI-17635D "Existing And Non Existing."

:Item number Group #: GOI-17635D "Existing And Non Existing." is a group of none existing members of GOI-17635 but do exist. These members do not exist however do have the power to kill anyone by not being there. This group has been classified as a threat but a ally. More information is gathering and it is unknown how this Group works.

Group #: GOI-17635ED "Below The Ocean"

""Below The Ocean" is a cultist group that is threats to everyone and everything accept GOI-17635 this group often raids sites to the point of where the sites cannot be built and have no return. this group often takes place to the deepest point of the ocean. No foundation personnel or MTF has ever or tried find "Below The Ocean because "Below The Ocean is in the deepest part the ocean meaning they would die this group often worships scp-3000 and is a group that should not be dealt with.

Members that are suspected to join this GOI/POI






"No one",





[Last log.]

"Arch" is killed them The "dark" days are coming to us "all" "No one" seemed to stare at the bottomless pit of the void "He", comes we call the being. "Him", "They" Will all die And "Them", Will watch it until to us all.