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Image taken at ███████ uppon discovery.

Item #: SCP-3384 - A Wooden Art Mannequin
Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3384 should be locked in a 5×5×5 containment at site-██. Behind SCP-3384 is a 2×1 meter television on the wall, it should be off at any moment. SCP-3384 is placed on a 1.5 meter tall pillar with observation cameras set on every top corner of the containment chamber and should be monitored at all times for any appearance of SCP-3384-2. Any personnel should be at least a radius of 8 meters away from SCP-3384. Anyone who comes in contact with SCP-3384 must be held in a 2×1×3 meter isolation chamber until SCP-3384-2 has terminated who would be referred to as SCP-3384-1.

Any sightings of SCP-3384-2 in SCP-3384's containment chamber must be reported to O5 class personnel immediately.

Description: SCP-3384 is a 33 cm tall wooden art mannequin which is made of a brown greenish colored wood. Every 2 hours when left undisturbed, it will change pose and effects any objects vision which is observing SCP-3384 until it changed pose. This can take up to 1 second to 3 minutes. Any living humans in an 8 meter radius from SCP-3384 would be looked at by SCP-3384 at all times, but this only counts for the nearest human. The nearest individual would be attracted to SCP-3384, slowly walking to SCP-3384 wanting to touch SCP-3384.

If touched, the individual now referred to as SCP-3384-1 will get high levels of aggression, will start screaming, repeatedly hitting their head on the wall and their pupils dilate rapidly. This lasts for 1 minute. D-class personnel that were removed from SCP-3384 before they could touch SCP-3384 had experienced whispering voices saying “Come here” or “I'm the answer” among other things. These D-class personnel also said that it is impossible to ignore SCP-3384 and wanted to touch it.

SCP-3384-2 is a 1.8 meter tall mannequin which looks similar to SCP-3384 only with finger joints and blood splatters on its body with a human blood hand print on the front of it's face. SCP-3384-2 will try to track down and kill SCP-3384-1.

First Phase: SCP-3384-1 would stare at the nearest operational television and will automatically start playing a video which is called [DATA EXPUNGED]. The television works even when unplugged. Every time when different D-class personnel were exposed to SCP-3384, they saw previous D-class personnel that were also exposed to SCP-3384 and were all terminated by SCP-3384-2. This suggests it shows who was a victim before SCP-3384-1. After the previous SCP-3393-1 is terminated by SCP-3384-2, the screen started becoming glitchy for 7 seconds. After that, SCP-3384-2 is seen with a background completely with the color blue and it has red blood eyes with blood running down its face for 2 seconds, than it will disappear with a text saying “View me” with the color red for one frame and the Television will turn of by itself.

Second Phase: SCP-3384-1 will be fine for 2 weeks. SCP-3384 would be bent over and is unable to do anything, D-class that touched SCP-3384 when in this phase, would not have the effect that it would usually do when not in this phase.

Third Phase: After 2 weeks, SCP-3384-2 will slowly get to SCP-3384-1. When near SCP-3384-1, SCP-3384-1 will fell tired and inmobal. When SCP-3384-1 has come into contact with SCP-3384-2, SCP-3384-2 will grab SCP-3384-1 by the shoulders and push its fingers through SCP-3384-1's arms. Then SCP-3384-2 Will bleed 2 dome shaped line's on the front of its head and after that, these wonds would open, revealing large blood red eyes and blood would be seen dripping from its eyes. After this moment, SCP-3384-1 can't look away from SCP-3384-2's face. SCP-3384-1 also can't blink at this moment. Then a larger dome shaped blood line will appear in SCP-3384-2's face and open a wide hanging jaw where large portions of long fangs would protrude out of SCP-3384-2 mouth, along with lots of spiders and snakes coming out if SCP-3384-2's mouth, SCP-3384-2 will bite SCP-3384-1's face. After 4 seconds SCP-3384-2 and SCP-3384-1 will start screaming and both SCP-3384-1 and SCP-3384-2 would disappear and a large explosion of a dark redish liquid would cover the room it happened in. And a bloody note laying on the round where SCP-3384-1 and SCP-3384-2 stood that says “Dead Meat.” on it.

Addendum: SCP-3384-2 has been appearing in SCP-3384's containment. One time, SCP-3384-2 had damaged the containment chamber of SCP-3384 by [REDACTED]. After that, SCP-3384-2 and SCP-3384 both disappeared. SCP-3384 was recovered on a desktop at [REDACTED]. It was successfully recontained without incident. SCP-3384 was upgraded to Euclid status after this breach.