Golden506 2

Okay, trying out the whole ideation thing again.


Compound ideas next;

Memory curtains.
Critical Examinations
Gravity Frogs.

Concrete time;

Curtains which take your memories.
Examinations which move you into critical status.
Frogs that change gravity to their advantage.

I think the examinations one is the most interesting. To turn it into a cohesive idea, maybe a doctor is using a piece of medical examination equipment that consistently brings patients into critical status, usually based off of the symptoms. It will generally try and give them a condition with the most expensive treatment. Why? To take advantage of patients and milk as much money as possible out of them by putting them into shitty, expensive situations. It might be an MC&D thing - sell it to greedy physicians.

What I'm trying to do here is sort of, make them feel vulnerable. At any point, they could go to the doctor and be diagnosed with a horrible, horrible, condition. Hell, maybe these things are already prevalent, and humans by default are really healthy…

Now, I think this should be in all kinds of medical equipment, but with a bias towards stuff used for examination - like X-rays, stethoscopes, uhh, those blood pressure tester thingys, that sort of deal. I think this is the sort of thing that might be sold by MC&D, specifically to doctors and stuff, but I don't think it should actually be in a MC&D format. One, MC&D stuff is generally for one type of item and one type only, and I'm thinking it would be better to have many different types of the object. Two, the format is quite… upfront. A normal SCP can hide things, while for MC&D the twist needs to come with how the object is sold, or used, or something like that.