Handy Man
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Object Class:SafeEuclid

Spesial Contaiment Procedures:
SCP-4001 is contained in a 50m x 50m x 100m metal aloy box, during a containment breach SCP-4001 is to be kept alone until the problem is solved.
Personell entering must not make a sound or any fast movement when cleaning and maintaining SCP-4001,s contaiment box.

SCP-4001 is a large humanoid creature with disformed limbs spaning 4 meter each while the body it self is 10 meters from toe to finger tip, this gives SCP-4001 the abilaty to fast movment and a long grab range. SCP-4001 is also the only one of its kind making it a high priority SCP, but seeing it is reborn from it carcas every time it dies it is estemated it is imortal. SCP-4001 is a collector of all things it finds interresting and worth to keep, which it stores in a big mountain in the middle of its containment unit. Since its in containment it can only get its hands on coffea mugs,pens,clip bords and will some time kidnap other personell, and take it back to its contaiment unit. SCP-4001 is very calm if left alone but will kill anybody that tuches its mountain of items, and has shown to open its face in a cross like shape and make beping sounds. SCP-4001 uses beps to comunicate in morse code and otherwise shows to be very clever and tricky to unnderstand. SCP-4001 has no details ecsept for little musle mass, bony structure and a black cross on its fac, the back of SCP-4001 seems to be growing wing like structures, and claws on its fingers and toes.