GruziX's SCP drafts

Item #: SCP-3425

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The object is to be kept in a locked cell with 2 cameras in Research Sector- ██.
SCP-3425 is not to be removed from its cell unless approved by a Level two or higher personnel.
When conducted, SCP-3425 must be accompanied to the selected location with atleast 1 guard in front of the SCP and 2 guards gunpointing SCP-3425 persistently.
SCP-3425 is not to be escorted by less than three guards and one researcher.
Any experiments performed on SCP-3425 are to be monitored by atleast 3 guards and one researcher through a bullet proof window or a camera at all times.
Should any abnormal behavior occur Doctor ██████ ████ and Research Sector-██ is to be alerted at once.

Description: SCP-3425 appears to be a researcher looking, 1.8 weighing tall and weighing 73.10 kg.
SCP-3425 has green eyes with dark blond hair.
SCP-3425 wears a normal SCP researcher outfit.
It appears to have a deep voice. [See addendum A-1 for this and the scrapped description above.]
It has the ability of manipulating people into thinking that SCP-3425 is not an SCP at all.
SCP-3425 seems to be aggressive when gets mocked or when there's only one individual in the ratio of atleast 50 meters.
When SCP-3425 kills a victim, he eats him and steals the victim's appearance.
It can also talk English and understand it perfectly. [See Addendum A-1]
SCP-3425 appears to have an IQ of 112. [See Video log 342-7.]
Its origin is from ██████, Poland found by mobile task force [REDACTED] when the foundation firstly thought there was a potential deserter in the city.
The foundation is still uncertain of what SCP-3425 is capable of and is trying to find out by doing interviews.

Addendum A-1: SCP-3425 appears to talk have an ability of disguise, in ████/██/██ he looks like a normal class-D but can change its form by copying the outfit of his last victims.
Blue eyes, black hair, 1.70 m tall aswell as weighing 68.24 kg.
Dr. █████ ████ was questioning SCP-3425 or the first time, conversation transcript is attached below.
Interviewed: SCP-3425
Interviewer: Dr. ████
Foreword: SCP-3425 getting questioned for the first time.

Dr. ████: "Wait is it SCP-3425? It doesn't look like him."
Sergeant ███████: "Yeah he recently somehow changed his form when he killed a class-D month ago."
SCP-3425: "So i am called SCP-3425, interesting…"
Dr. ████: "Y-yeah, so it seems you can speak English without any problem mhm. [Noting sounds can be heard]"
Dr. ████: "So, do you know why you're here?"
SCP-3425: "No. [Saying with a laughter]"
Dr. ████: "Why are you laughing?"
SCP-3425: "Researcher! [Saying with a laughter again]"
Dr. ████: "What are you talking about?"
SCP-3425: "My first victim! [Yelling with a laughter]"
Dr. ████ "What?"
[SCP-3425 lapsed into silence, no further to make it speak were effective. It also seemed like SCP-3425 was > laughing quietly for some reason.]

Closing Statement: It was the first interview for SCP-3425, trying to ask the simplest questions.
But SCP-3425 was acting unusually and we weren't able to make him talk after we asked him the first question.
What we know is that his first victim could be a researcher and that he can change his last victim appearance.

Video log 342-7:
SCP-3425 has been IQ tested by Dr. ██████ in ████/██/██ with the permission of Dr. ████████ and was given papers.
The IQ test lasted 30 minutes.

Tested: SCP-3425
Testing: Dr. ██████.
Foreword: Doctor ████████ has ordered Dr. ██████ to do an IQ test on SCP-3425 in research sector-██, SCP-3425 appeared to have an appearance of a class-D [Different looking than the one in the addendum A-1]

<Begin log>
Dr. ██████: "Oh it seems you've killed a next class-d because your appearance has changed again."
[Dr. ██████ is noting.]
Dr. ██████: "Alright 3425, when we will open the cell door and give you papers. You will write the answers, is that > understood?
[SCP-3425 is not willing to answer and is silent.]
Dr. ██████: "Ok anyway, you'll do as we demand."
[Dr. ██████ opens the cell door.]
[Dr. ██████ walks to SCP-3425 and gives the IQ test papers.]
[Dr. ██████ goes back, closes the door and starts watching SCP-3425 with his 3 guards.]
Dr. ██████: "Ok now, begin with the test."
[SCP-3425 is writing the answers.]
[30 minutes after SCP-3425 stops writing and looks at the bullet proof window.]
Dr. ██████: "Are you done?"
[SCP-3425 keeps looking at them and doesn't say a word.]
[Dr. ██████ opens the door, goes in, picks up the papers and looks at them.]
Dr. ██████: "Fascinating…"
[Dr. ██████ goes back behind the bullet proof window with the papers.]
Dr. ██████: "This test is done. Guards, escort me to research sector-██ and 3425 to his cell and then return to > > your normal duties."
<End log>

Foundation cameras in Sector-██ with audio log:
In ████/██/██ was to be escorted by three guards after the IQ test. [See video log 342-7]
During the conduction, the three guards stopped looking at the SCP-3425 and abnormal behavior and a breach attempt has occured.
Audio log from microphones of the three guards has been recorded aswell as half of the camera footage.

<Begin log and camera footage>
Sergeant ██████ to radio: "Squad ██, escorting SCP-3425 to its normal cell in research sector-██."
[Camera ██-█ switches to ██-█.]
Sergeant ██████: "Keep 3425 on sight don't lose him!"
[SCP-3425 starts to laugh quietly for 4.37 seconds.]
Private ███████: "Why are you laughing, move idiot!"
Sergeant ██████: "Private don't mock the SCPs because it can have bad consequences to all of us."
Private ███████: "Yes, sir."
[Camera ██-█ switches to ██-█.]
Corporal ████: "To which research sector do we need to escort him again?"
Sergeant ██████: "To research sector-██, Corporal."
[SCP-3425 starts to smile to private ███████.]
Private ███████: "Why are you smili-[Light power is turned off and cameras are off, audio log can only be heard > from this moment.]
<Camera footage is down from this moment and only audio can be heard>
Sergeant ██████: "God dammit, turn on your flash lights and find 3425!"
[SCP-3425 starts to make noises to lure private ███████.]
Private ███████: "I think i've found something…"
[Private starts going to the location.]
Private ███████: "Oh shi-[SCP-3425 kills private and eats him very quickly and silently.]
Corporal: "Private?"
[SCP-3425 is stealing private's appearance and outfit.]
SCP-3425 in disguise: "I am here i am here, no worries sir."
Sergeant: "Where is 3425?"
SCP-3425 in disguise: "No idea." [Starts shooting at corporal ████ and kills him.]
Sergeant ███████: "Fuck!" [A jumping and restraining noise can be heard.]
Sergeant ███████ to radio: "Sergeant ███████, my squad is dead by SCP-3425 i have him restrained > potential breach attempt, need two men to come to research sector-██ to escort him to another research sector-██ > over."
Staff Sergeant ████ to radio: "Copy that Private first class █████ and i will enroute over."
Sergeant ███████ to radio: "Copy that."
<End log>

SCP-3425 attempted to breach but failed, SCP-3425 has been restrained and conducted succesfully to its cell in research sector-██.