Item #: SCP-xxxx "Knight Edward"

Object Class: Euclid Thaumiel

Special Containment procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be contained in a 5m x 5m x 5m room. The interior is to be lined with reinforced steel plates cobblestone and mortar, and is to be inspected weekly for damages by two (2) D-class personnel, any damages are to be reported and replaced with cleanly cut cobblestone. Interviews with SCP-xxxx requires approval from at least two (2) on site Level 4 personnel. Under no circumstance may anyone in SCP-xxxx's chamber can say "yes" to any question, comment, or phrase, in a 20 meter radius from SCP-xxxx. However, terms synonymous with "yes" do not trigger SCP-xxxx's anomalous properties.

Additionally, no interviews with SCP-xxxx are to include information from modern history due to SCP-xxxx's anomalous properties. No refined or raw materials from eras following the "iron age" are to be introduced to SCP-xxxx's containment chamber, except for experimentation authorized by at least two (2) Class 4 personnel.

Temporary Containment Procedure Update: (See Addendum xxxx.2) Per Containment Committee Order .xxxx.3C.16.5, no additional materials of any form are to be introduced to SCP-xxxx's containment chamber due to its anomalous properties. This order will persist until a consensus regarding further use of SCP-xxxx is reached.

SCP-xxxx has made requests for furnishings and other items in his cell.

Current requests:

  • One (1) 32oz bottle of white vinegar (granted)
  • One (1) rack for swords and various weaponry of mahogany wood (pending approval)
  • One (1) leather armchair (denied)
  • Three (3) history books from 1850-2020 (denied)

Description: SCP-xxxx is a male, animated suit of medieval age knight armor, 6'5" in height, its age is currently unknown. It has been noted that SCP-xxxx has a light french accent, and will sometimes swear in the french language. However it is fully capable of communicating in english.

SCP-xxxx matches the style of a templar's suit of armor from the medieval ages. However SCP-xxxx displays anomalous properties when in the presence of materials that it has not encountered. When SCP-xxxx is exposed to any new materials via direct eye contact. SCP-xxxx's composition will change, absorbing various elements of the material into the armor. These instances will improve the durability of SCP-xxxx, without changing its mass, how this occurs is currently unknown.

Currently, SCP-xxxx is composed of an unquantified combination of elements. SCP-xxxx's durability is staggering, tests have shown SCP-xxxx has been able to withstand immense pressures including pressures up to 10,000 psi, without SCP-xxxx showing any signs of damage.

SCP-xxxx's other anomalous property is SCP-xxxx-1, a four (4) meter long sword with a hollow glass pommel. The hilt is engraved in what is french for "Conqueror". SCP-xxxx-1 seems to instantly appear in SCP-xxxx's hand when it enters its enraged state. Slow motion camera footage has shown that SCP-xxxx seems to draw SCP-xxxx-1 from a small pocket dimension, stowing it in the same pocket dimension after a subject expires.

When a subject says "yes" or challenges anyone to fight within a 20 meter radius from SCP-xxxx, SCP-xxxx will enter an enraged state. When SCP-xxxx enters its enraged state, a black viscous fluid spills from the eye slits in SCP-xxxx's helmet, which trickles down small rivets in the armor itself, down the length of the sword arm, which then drips into the hollow glass pommel of SCP-xxxx-1. When filled, SCP-xxxx-1 will turn bright red, due to sudden and extreme heat increments, measured at around 3012 degrees kelvin. SCP-xxxx will then attempt to kill his challenger, and has had a 100% lethality rate.

To date, SCP-xxxx-1 has cut through:

  • A heavy solid steel containment door with a single stroke
  • An entire human body, vertically, with no errors in symmetry
  • Bullets
  • 18 19 27 235 ████ D-class personnel
  • █ scientists

Recovery: SCP-xxxx was contained by MTF Viper-Sigma-4 "Vineyard Stalkers" in (REDACTED), France. MTF Hotel-Sigma-4 received a tip-off from locals in a nearby town who reported about a man in knight armor killing civilians, all civilians involved were administered class-A amnesiacs. MTF Viper-Sigma-4 apprehended SCP-xxxx near the ruins of a castle, near (REDACTED) believed to be where SCP-xxxx originally resided. Viper-Sigma-4 apprehended SCP-xxxx with no casualties. And transported him to site-19.

The following interview was conducted three (3) weeks SCP-xxxx's containment.

Interviewer: Dr. ██, Site-18

Interviewee: SCP-xxxx


Dr ██: Can you tell me your name?

SCP-xxxx: But of course! I am the great Knight Edward! Would you care to duel?

Dr ██: Uh, n-no. Tell me about your armor. Where did it come from?

SCP-xxxx: Why from the great Blacksmith Sir [REDACTED] strongest metal in the land!

Dr ██: I see, one more question for today SCP-xxxx, would you mind telling me-

SCP-xxxx: That's Knight Edward to you, sir.

Dr ██: You will be referred to as SCP-xxxx, is that clear? Or I will be forced to-
SCP-xxxx rises from its seat and cuts the table, as well as the notes Dr ██ was writing, along
with the pen in his hand, splattering ink on his jacket.
He begins shouting incoherently while storming back and forth in its cell

Dr ██ retreats from the room


Interviewer's note: despite my initial impressions that SCP-xxxx was just some brutal killing machine like SCP-682. I believe however, that SCP-xxxx may be a bit more tame, due to his will to abide by 'chivalry' which commands that he cannot lie and must be generous.

Additionally, the 10 commandments of chivalry demand that SCP-xxxx will not surrender in a fight, and must fight 'without cessation or mercy' which could explain its anomalous properties when fighting.

Experiment log

Subject: D-5778

Preface: D-5778 was given one (1) standard police riot shield, and one (1) police baton, and was instructed to accept SCP-xxxx's challenge to a duel, and to attack and, if possible, kill SCP-xxxx.

Observation Notes: D-5778 enters the room and says "yes" to SCP-xxxx's challenge. SCP-xxxx draws SCP-xxxx-1 and charges at D-5778. D-5778 makes no move to attack SCP-xxxx until SCP-xxxx is approximately 2 feet away from the subject. D-5778 jumps to its left and swings the baton into the back of SCP-xxxx, which causes the baton to break in two, before sudden and instant combustion, D-5778 utters a string of expletives and tries to back away from SCP-xxxx. SCP-xxxx advances and swings SCP-xxxx-1 and cuts off D-5778's left arm, holding the police riot shield. SCP-xxxx cuts in a downward arc, straight through D-5778, cutting the subject symmetrically in half. Subject expired.

Subject: D-5635

Preface: D-5635 was given a Colt m1911 pistol, with one (1) magazine containing seven (7) rounds of .45 ACP ammunition. D-5635 was instructed to accept SCP-xxxx's challenge to a duel, and to fire the weapon into SCP-xxxx until empty.

Observation Notes: D-5635 aims and fires 4 rounds at SCP-xxxx. SCP-xxxx takes out SCP-xxxx-1 at speeds recorded to be faster than light, and cuts through 3 of 4 bullets, the other bullet misses. SCP-xxxx swings SCP-xxxx-1 and cuts the pistol in half and stabs D-5635 directly through the heart. Subject expired.

Subject: SCP-███

Preface: SCP-xxxx was introduced into SCP-███'s chamber, and was instructed to interact and communicate with SCP-███.

Observation Notes: SCP-███ seemed to recognize SCP-███ and greeted him in a formal manner. SCP-███ also recognized SCP-xxxx and greeted it with a handshake. Both SCP's began to have a very long conversation about events dating back to the dark ages. Testing was immediately halted when SCP-███ began to talk about recent and modern events. SCP-xxxx expressed considerable anger at being forced away from its "Pointy nosed compatriot". Armed Guards entered the room to escort SCP-xxxx from the chamber.1

Addendum: SCP-xxxx has been barred from any further contact with SCP-███. However SCP-xxxx remains cooperative with foundation staff, provided that it is allowed to take part in monthly D-class terminations. Since SCP-xxxx's interaction with SCP-███. SCP-xxxx has displayed more signs of friendliness with foundation personnel, and communicates frequently with Dr. ██.2

Addendum xxxx.2 Due to SCP-xxxx's ability to passively replicate and absorb new materials in its environment. SCP-xxxx is not to be introduced to any metals or materials that cannot be destroyed or understood by foundation means. SCP-xxxx is also not allowed to read any texts that mention anomalous or currently indestructible materials, as SCP-xxxx can replicate said materials from the text itself, without having to make visual contact with the material.

Addendum xxxx.3 Due to SCP-xxxx's extremely passive and compliant behavior with Foundation staff, SCP-xxxx has been allowed to freely roam the facility, obviously excluding testing chambers and anomalous object containers. SCP-xxxx has also been given permission by 05 to train a MTF, MTF-Sierra-Delta-1 "Sword Dancers". And train in site-██ on [Redacted] and [Redacted].