Long Term Test of SCP-705 and SCP-387

Experiment: 705-9.387-14

Experiment Start: ██/█/████

Experiment End: ██/██/████

Subjects: SCP-705, SCP-387

Preface: In order to test for possible interactions between SCP-705 and SCP-387, A long-term experiment was conducted over the course of █ months, and ██ days. The experiment used over 300 oz. of modeling clay (not including SCP-705), and over thirty-thousand singular bricks of SCP-387. The experiment was preformed in a 20x20x20 meter room. No humans were introduced to the containment chamber, however video surveillance and recording equipment was placed to cover the entirety of the room.

Procedure: Despite the impossibility of giving direct orders to SCP-387 to follow, the hypothesis is that both SCP's will begin a war due to SCP-705's aggressive nature. A small (albeit large in proportion with SCP-705 instances) portable radio was placed near SCP-705's starting point, to maintain communication with foundation staff, as it is the only SCP of the two that communicates in English. Additionally, certain Lego mini figures were given specialized torso and leg pieces to signify different jobs. Most notably:

  • A president, business clothes
  • A military general, army clothing and french beret top piece
  • almost 150 mini figures in construction drab and hard hats
  • 1,200 mini figure marines armed with M16 rifles, Bazookas, and various laser weaponry from Star Wars Lego sets.

Proper housing fitting to that of each mini figure's occupation were constructed from Legos to assign different mini figures to different jobs.