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Item #: SCP-???

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All samples of SCP-??? are to be kept in airtight opaque containers at Site-56. Standard safety precautions for visual cognitohazards and blood products apply.

Description: SCP-??? is a form of human blood that has unusual optical properties. It is an exceptionally bright shade of red — more so than any commercially available pigment or natural substance. SCP-??? will continue to appear red even in the absence of red light, or in quantities where regular blood would appear black. Details of SCP-???'s appearance are abnormally easy to discern, even at a distance or under adverse conditions. It has a refractive index of ~2.4.1

SCP-??? is a visual cognitohazard. Direct observers report that SCP-??? appears more "realistic" than its surroundings. They will generally describe this effect as akin to that achieved when a photographic image is placed in a computer-generated environment. While the neurological basis for this effect is not yet understood, it is believed that SCP-??? somehow overstimulates the brain's mechanism(s) for distinguishing reality from fantasy.

Psychological reactions to this effect vary between observers. Most are able to function normally, albeit with lingering doubts as to the nature and/or legitimacy of reality. Observers with a pre-existing interest in these matters may develop an obsession with SCP-??? over time. Subjects who are already susceptible to derealization (such as those with certain mental disorders) may abruptly experience it upon viewing SCP-???.

SCP-??? is chemically identical to human blood, save for its genetic material, which is comprised of a short repeating nucleic acid sequence that reads "Does my gay creepypasta syrup anger you?" when decoded.