Abandon all hope yeet who shall enter: http://scp-sandbox-3.wikidot.com/screw-the-format

  • A room where dust accumulates in both temporal directions
  • A double-negative antimemetic/memetic hazard
  • A door that opens into an auction, where you will be sold.
  • A person who creates a scare chord whenever he is startled
  • An SCP that conceals information about itself by forcing a person to skip and then re-read certain portions of a text. (Already using this in SCP-9999-J, it wouldn't be eligible for the JamCon2020)
  • A device that allows a person to travel retroactively. Upon using it, they will temporarily forget their current location, and believe themselves to be located in the previous location. They will instead already be at their desired destination.
  • An amish man who functions as a reality anchor for any technology created after the 1600's, whether anomalous or not.
  • An antimemetic cleptomanic burgular, who's this dapper and awkwardly polite elder Englishman. As long as he stays quiet and moves slowly, he is socially imperceptible.
  • A humanoid entity the sole purpose of which is to be a financial and social burden on its caretakers (not another self-insert anomaly).
  • A phenomenom where a public bus route will spontaneously be substituted by a line of passenger cars driven by bus drivers.
  • Get Isekai'd
  • Wake up and smell the ketchup
  • Kitchen Nightmares
  • A method of averting a K-class scenario by means of relegating the entire present reality onto a lower level - i.e. turning the universe fictional.
  • A sandbox that functions like a sandbox in a video game. The sandbox is initially dilapitated and works erratically, but upon restoration efforts has much more versatile and less volatile functions. The Foundation tries to use it for profit/to create anomalous objects, but find it unwieldy, so they seek help from Internal Task Force 259 (or buddhists, or something like that).
  • This tumblr text post: https://preview.redd.it/q2w8cd1gqrk41.jpg?width=620&auto=webp&s=4ba5387e56bb85358418b3600169114fadbc5110

Ideas for tales:

That super short story that's just a list of names for parodies of Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting.

Synopsis: Two kids, childhood friends. One of them runs off to the [Circus of the Disquieting] at a young age (like 15, I guess), after witnessing a show from them. The other kid goes to a school like anyone else, and gets a regular job as a filing clerk.

However, he still regularly receives letters from the exploits of his friend. The dizzying heights and crushing lows. He compares his friend's exciting and dangerous life to his own, relatively mundane but safe assignment as a regular paper-pusher.

Fast forward fourty years. The Veil has long-since been broken. Our protagonist hears that the [Circus of the Disquieting] is no more. He himself is retired, and has lapsed into alcoholism. There hasn't been a word from his friend in years.

So one day, the man goes to the hills in the green of a summer night, and sees [an anomaly] flying in the sky. Free and unhindered, just like his old friend. He reckons: 'There goes the soul of a man who leaves everything behind for the faintest of dreams. One of never settling, never backpedaling, and paving their own roads through the wildest of thickets.'

He then looks back on his own life, and considers what his friend might say about him. He reckons his friend would likely know how to appreciate a mundane existence more than he himself ever could.