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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be held in a 10meter x 10meter x 10meter titanium containment area. Food (preferably sliced into small pieces) must be supplied to SCP-XXXX every 10 hours. Do NOT give SCP-XXXX any raw food. If this does happen, the person responsible for this will be terminated.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a piece of standard origami paper which is able to fold and unfold itself to turn into various origami sculptures wether that be 2Dimensional or 3Dimensional. However, it will never leave behind any creases.

SCP-XXXX is sentient and displays signs of intelligence, with different abilities varying on it’s state and form. If a rip or cut is on SCP-XXXX, it will recover within 10 minutes to 12 hours. If SCP-XXXX is burnt, it will withstand the burn until it full recovers.

SCP-XXXX is omnivorous but will refuse to eat most plants, including all fruits/vegetables with the exception of apples.

SCP-XXXX has the ability to turn origami paper into other specimens of SCP-XXXX which disappear after 5 days. This effect does not work with other sheets of paper, see Test Logs for more info

Test Logs:
Test Log: SCP-XXXX-1
Instruction: SCP-XXXX was to fold into an origami owl
Status: Success
Ability: While in this owl form, SCP-XXXX could fold it’s head 360 degrees.
Added Notes: N/A

Test Log: SCP-XXXX-2
Instruction: SCP-XXXX was to fold into a 3Dimensional origami hedgehog
Status: Success
Ability: While in this hedgehog form, SCP-XXXX could pierce thin metal sheets
Added Notes: N/A

Test Log: SCP-XXXX-3
Instruction: SCP-XXXX was to fold into a tessellation
Status: Failed
AfterHand Notes: This marks the first time where SCP-XXXX has failed a task
Added Notes: To be fair, tessellations ARE hard to fold. - Dr. Jackalo

Test Log: SCP-XXXX-4
Instruction: SCP-XXXX was to turn into SCP-682, then terminate the real SCP-682
Status: Half-Failed
AfterHand Notes: While SCP-XXXX DID turn into an origami SCP-682, the original did not get
Added Notes: N/A