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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-XXXX are to be cryogenically frozen and transported to Site-51-A for containment within cold-storage chambers. At no point should any personnel below level three clearance be allowed access to these chambers. All personnel who enter must first be thoroughly inspected to ensure that they have no open wounds, and sterile medical masks are to be equipped at all times.

In the event of a containment breach, Site-51-A is to be placed on lockdown, and MTF Panacea-1 ("Nurses") is to be dispatched from nearby Site-51-B. "Nurses" are to quarantine all persons infected with SCP-XXXX within a designated containment cell and perform a thorough burn of the entirety of the Site. Once the infected persons have surpassed Stage 5 of infection, any samples of SCP-XXXX are to be collected from said persons, and their bodies are to be cremated. Once the designated quarantine cell is also thoroughly burned, re-containment will be complete,

In the unlikely event that both Site-51-A and B are infected with SCP-XXXX, MTF Panacea-2 ("Coroners") will be dispatched from [REDACTED], and will sweep through both Sites, eliminating all personnel either infected with or carrying SCP-XXXX. A designated member of the "Coroners" (hereafter referred to as "Noah") will be responsible for collecting ONE sample of SCP-XXXX from said personnel and stored in a portable cold storage container, which will remain on Noah's person until this process is complete. "Coroners," after completing these two steps, will complete a thorough burn of both Sites. After all MTF forces have completed this and retreated to the minimum safe distance (2 km) from the Sites, continuous napalm strikes will commence on Site-51-A and B for 10-20 minutes. If successful, all on-site instances of SCP-XXXX will have been destroyed. Noah will then reenter Site-51-A and re-contain his sample of SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a strain of bacterial infection of close structural similarity to that of tuberculosis. However, the biological properties of SCP-XXXX do not match those of any known bacteria, virus or pathogen. This is presumably due to the fact that the chemical makeup of SCP-XXXX is constantly changing, which makes studying its anomalous properties extremely difficult, if not impossible. Being a bacteria, it is invisible to the naked eye. Therefor, the accidental ingestion of SCP-XXXX, whether it be via a subject's nose, mouth, eyes or ears, is the primary method of infection.

The effects of SCP-XXXX are entirely mental, as infected subjects showed no signs of physical illness. SCP-XXXX seems to primarily affect a subject's religious thoughts, leading them to become more and more extreme with their beliefs and devotion to their religion, or lack thereof. SCP-XXXX's infection process takes place over five stages, with each stage increasing the intensity of one's devotion. See experiment logs XXXX-1, 2 and 3 for more details.

Stage 1 (within 2 days of infection):
SCP-XXXX appears to be "dormant" in this stage. Subjects do not feel any changes in their bodies, thoughts, or religious beliefs.

Stage 2 (2-4 days after infection):
Subjects become more interested in their religion, and begin to pray/worship more often. Many ask for additional reading material related to it, or for their cell to be decorated with their religious symbols (Crosses, Stars of David, etc.). Subjects also often begin to illustrate or write about their religion at this stage.

Stage 3 (4-7 days after infection):
Subjects begin to sing religious hymns and songs to themselves, some of which were written by the subjects themselves. Many attempt to conform Foundation personnel to their faith during interviews. Subjects dedicate most of their day to prayer and only seem to reserve about two hours for sleep, if they choose to sleep at all. Subjects become highly dismissive to those that are not of their faith.

Stage 4 (7-9 days after infection):
Subjects become extremely hostile to those that do not worship like they do, and often refuse interviews. Drawings and writings become more sporadic and hard to decipher. Most subjects begin to harm themselves in order to "prove their worth" to their faith. Subjects often cry during prayer/worship, which takes up 20-23 hours of their day.

Stage 5 (9-10 days after infection):
Subjects' self-harming attempts to "be worthy" become extreme. This leads to their death.

Addendum: Attached are Experiment Logs XXXX-1, 2 and 3.