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SCP-1830-A’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Clinical Diagnosis


SCP Foundation Psychological Center

Author Note

This paper is being submitted to Dr.Glass in partial fulfillment of the clinical diagnosis for SCP-

1830-A, on ████ 28, 2018.



SCP-1830-A, formerly ████ ███ Leung, is an Asian male, currently sixteen years old. Due to the emotional and psychical abuse from his mother, and the severe bullying he suffered from his
classmates, SCP-1830-A presents some bizarre behaviors such as sharp "hisses" and
convulsive "nods". In this clinical diagnosis, SCP-1830-A is diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder. After being diagnosed with PTSD, a treatment plan is created according to his symptoms. Therapeutic counseling (cognitive-behavior therapy) is used to help him change his irrational belief and relieve his anxiety. Meanwhile, the group therapy is used to help him to learn social skills to alleviate his anti-social beliefs. According to the treatment plan, once SCP-1830-A recover from the comatose state, one psychotherapist specialized in autistic spectrum disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder should be added to the team. Other related research of PTSD in abnormality is also explored and discussed in the next paper while looking at the mental situation of humanoid SCP and associated researchers who had experienced the traumatic experience and the effectiveness of diagnosing and treating this disorder.

Keywords: humanoid, clinical diagnosis, PTSD, anti-social symptoms, cognitive-behavior therapy, group therapy


SCP-1830-A'S Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Clinical Diagnosis

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental disorder that appears most common among humanoid SCPs and SCP researchers who exposed to a traumatic event.The humanoid subject
SCP-1830-A had presented many symptoms of PTSD and was diagnosed with PTSD.

Clinical Report

Presenting Symptoms

SCP-1830-A, formerly ████ ███ Leung, is an Asian male, currently sixteen years old.At the time of
containment, the subject is 1.6 meters in height and weighs 51 kg. SCP-1830-A has been in the comatose state since being victimized by a criminal assault on the ███ ███ public estate, Hong
Kong. An examination found extensive contusions on the head, arms and trunk. Incised wounds,
carved into derogatory phrases in traditional Chinese characters, are located on the pelvis and inner thighs (SCP-1830, 2013).
According to the excerpt of the interview with eyewitness and the content of SCP-1830-A's school bag
found on scene (SCP-1830, 2013), SCP-1830-A is judged to have been subjected to severe school bullying. Meanwhile, according to the Excerpt of interview with ████ Ng, SCP-1830-A's mother,
SCP-1830-A is judged to have been emotionally and psychically abused by his mother (SCP-1830,


Since SCP-1830-A lost his father in childhood for unknown reasons, the event of losing father can judge as SCP-1830-A's earliest traumatic experience. Then his mother's psychical and emotional
abuse added to his trauma. Apparently, the severe school bullying he had suffered from became the last straw that breaks the camel's back.
After all the traumatic experience, SCP-1830-A presents propensity for violence, network dependent behavior, and low self-acceptance. Also, SCP-1830-A's social obstacles, delusional disorder even
developed into the anomalous property.

Diagnostic Impressions

From these symptoms, the diagnostic impression for SCP-1830-A is severe posttraumatic stress disorder with a severe marked elevation.

Developing an Inverted Pyramid Formation

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, otherwise known as PTSD, is a mental disorder that can be developed after a person who is exposed to a traumatic event. (SCP Foundation Psychological Center, 2015).

Problem Identification

Step One.

Since the traumatic experiences of losing his father, emotionally and psychically abused by his mother and severe school bullying. SCP-1830-A shows the symptom of social obstacles, delusional disorder, and several bizarre behaviors. These symptoms will be trouble to SCP-1830-A's mental and psychical health, and can also be trouble to the further research.


Step two.

To considered SCP-1830-A's symptoms as PTSD, the DSM-5 states that he must experience one of four criteria: directly experiences the traumatic event, witnesses the traumatic event in person, learns that the traumatic event occurred to a close family member or close friend, or experiences first-hand repeated or extreme exposure to aversive details of the traumatic event” (SCP Psychological Department of mental disorders, 2015). In fact, SCP-1830-A experienced the traumatic events of losing his father, abused by mother, and school bullying.

Step three.To diagnose a person with PTSD, the person must meet the criteria of
each of the following: stressor, intrusion symptoms, avoidance, adverse alterations in cognition
and mood, changes in arousal and reactivity, duration, and exclusion (SCP Psychological Department of mental disorders, 2016).
SCP-1830-A’s stressor is that he had experienced the traumatic experiences that mentioned before.
His intrusion symptoms are the long-term irritability and anxious, also the anti-social beliefs such as
uttering words like ‘butcher them,’ ‘burn alive’, ‘die die die’. SCP-1830-A's avoidance is the trauma-related situation, and he is eager to escape from reality, which is also the main reason of his narcosis.
The adverse alterations in cognition and mood of SCP-1830-A are his poor academic performance.
The duration of his disorder had been over six years as mentioned in SCP-1830. And he resists
for communicating with his mother, and he has no friend as well.


Narrowed Indifferences

Step Four. SCP-1830-A suffered from many symptoms of PTSD, but according to the original
file of SCP-1830, he has no suicidal tendency. As his mother did not mention anything about SCP-1830-A's self-harm tendency and he had no self-harm behavior. According to the criteria of suicidal
tendency, SCP-1830-A has no suicidal crisis( SCP Foundation for Suicide Prevention,
2015).Meanwhile, SCP-1830-A would not have a disease such as schizophrenia because he went
through the traumatic event, wherein schizophrenia a person normally does not go through a trauma
(SCP Psychological Department of mental disorders, 2016). However, SCP-1830-A presents a
propensity for violence in both his mother description and the record on his textbooks.Considered about SCP-1830-A’s symptom and his propensity for violence. SCP-1830-A is diagnosed with severe
posttraumatic stress disorder with a severe marked elevation.



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