Harmless Potato's Sandbox

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Web crawlers will search for keyphrase "Thought Code" and alert Foundation staff. Any information will be discredited and, if necessary, made inaccessible.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a mapping between Latin characters and bit-codes of varying length.

Recovery: The Foundation was contacted by the FBI to determine the anomalous nature of the suspect of a mass murder and attempted suicide. The Foundation took over the investigation and interrogated the suspect (Addendum 1). Removing the suspect's hearing aid caused him to enter a state of coma. The hearing aid was found to emit weak electrical currents in 26 distinct patterns. On further examination Foundation staff discovered three algorithms contained in it:
1. Translates incoming speech to English text.
2. Creates sentences in the English language based on text input.
3. Translates English text into SCP-XXXX bit-codes and emits corresponding electrical current patterns through the hearing aid.
SCP-XXXX was discovered by reverse engineering the translation software found in the hearing aid. The Foundation searched the web for SCP-XXXX and found the blog "Thought Code" (Addendum 2).

Addendum 1: Interrogation

I: "Mr. [REDACTED]?"
S: "How are you?"
I: "Did you commit the murders on [REDACTED] in [REDACTED]?"
S: "I never killed anyone."
I: "We have video evidence, DNA samples and eye witnesses all confirming you did."
S: "Show ME."
Suspect was shown footage of the crime, but didn't seem interested in it.
I: "Well?"
S: "What is your favorite color?"
I: "Just tell me why you committed these murders."
S: "Because I want to help you."
I: "I have nothing to do with this, you only met me five minutes ago."
S: "I don't know, it just spelled everything you typed."
I: "What?"
S: "I have a dummy boyfriend."
I: "Stop screwing around."
S: "I'm not playing, you are."
I: "Why did you try to commit suicide?"
S: "I was embarrassed."
I: "Why were you embarrassed?"
S: "I wasn't?"
I: "Then why did you try to commit suicide?"
S: "Because you asked first."
I: "This is hopeless."
S: "Fine, be that way, she doesn't really want to marry you anyways."
The investigator left the room.

Addendum 2: Thought Code

07.23.2017 02:13:46 AM -
I've been thinking alot about free will lately. I'm of the opinion that it doesn't exist. I don't tend to believe in souls or anything like that and free will seems to basically be that. Like what part of our bio-chemical brain is capable of producing such a mechanism? Surely it is more probable that we basically have a learning algorithm that takes a bunch of inputs (senses), produces various outputs (thoughts) and just chooses on based on what it has learned. So I was thinking that surely it's just electrical pulses that one day we'll be able to measure and store and create. That has some cool and some terrifying implications. So I decided to open this blog and find some cool name: Thought Code. I'll probably make more posts after I stay way too late at night again.

08.02.2017 04:28:12 AM -
Wow, people actually found this somehow. So to address most of the comments I'm gonna say this once: I'm not a conspiracy theorist. The government does not have this Thought Code and they are not mind controlling everyone. On a different note, I have been thinking about Thought Code obsessively. Like it's probably different for every person because language is not something you're born with. Our minds are probably wired differently when it comes to language so the Thought Code must be designed specifically for each person. Plus when you think about it our thoughts (at least mine) are not broken into letters but are made up of complete words. So any Thought Code will probably have to be word based rather than alphabet based. I'll keep posting if I think of anything else.

08.03.2017 07:37:56 AM -
Yesterday I kept thinking about Thought Code, and you won't believe what I dreamed about. It was like any other dream (not sure exactly what was going on) but I had a sense that something was controlling my thoughts in the dream. I looked up and saw a giant two column table with English letters and bit-code. And the bit-code was flowing into my head and controlled my thoughts. The great thing is I still remembered the table when I woke up (like 5 minutes ago), and I wrote it down. I know it's not best-case scenario (I think a word to bit-code table would be better), but I have to try. Maybe our subconscious knows this somehow? I'm gonna try and see if I can manufacture a thought and post again.

08.06.2017 05:21:09 AM -
I wrote a basic program to translate text into Thought Code, and made my smart watch into an electric current generating device. The watch receives signals via WiFi and then generates low power electric currents that travel through a cable I attached to it. Yes, this is crazy, but I had to know. Conclusion: I'm not sure. I input some word in, but it's hard to say if I'm thinking about it because I wrote it or because the Thought Code worked. I'm gonna test this setup with a chat-bot and a blindfold and report back.

08.06.2017 08:42:15 AM -
I'm late for work and I had no sleep, but I finished setting up. I'm using cleverbot.com, and blindfolded inputting sentences and seeing if my thoughts correspond to what the bot is saying. There's like 0 correlation. This might be a flop. But maybe I just have to train my mind to take these electrical currents from the outside or something. I'll come up with a better setup and start using it all day.

08.11.2017 03:28:37 AM -
I got my new setup running. I bought a hearing aid and messed around with it until I got it to run my code, an STT program and a Cleverscript program. I'll wear this for a while and post again.

09.21.2017 04:31:11 AM -
I think it's starting to work. Sometimes I'm getting cleverbot-like thoughts whenever people talk to me. I might've actually found it! People at work started thinking I'm weird, plus my mom is visiting in like a week… Maybe I should take a break.