Item #: SCP-4662

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4226 is to be kept in a locked steel container in a 12 m x 12 m room at Site-19. Under no circumstances should any foundation personnel enter the room without proper equipment to enter SCP-4226’s holding chamber, and if so, they shall be restrained and immediately undergo heavy psychiatric treatment. Personnel entering SCP-4226’s holding chamber must be wearing a blindfold and heavy noise cancelling earmuffs and been given permission by a Level 3 or higher personnel.

Subsequent to incident SCP-4226-1-A, any personnel who injects themself with SCP-4226 must be immediately terminated, and 2 Class-D personnel must enter SCP-4226's holding chamber with proper equipment and place SCP-4226 back into its container.

Description: SCP-4226 is a medical syringe approximately 10 cm in length, the needle being 3 cm. The needle contains an unknown yellowish-brown substance classified as SCP-4226-1. The needle appears to have been used multiple times before recovery, and the syringe is has a yellow tint to it. SCP-4226-1 resembles heroin in appearance, but no testing could be conducted to see if they are in any way correlated.

SCP-4226 main anomalous effects appear to be from SCP-4226-1. Any living human who comes in a range of 10 m from SCP-4226-1 reports to hear voices from instances of SCP-4226-2, urging them to inject SCP-4226 into themself. Instances of SCP-4226-2 are previous victims of SCP-4226-1. Long exposure to these voices appear to cause mild schizophrenia and anxiety in the victim. If SCP-4226-1 is observed, the person who observed it appears to go in a hypnotic state where they inject the instance of SCP-4226-1 into themself.

SCP-4226 appears to refill itself with SCP-4226-1 after use, darkening the yellow tint on the syringe. Any person who has injected themself with SCP-4226-1 go in a coma like state, in which various wounds begin to appear on their body. These wounds range from small cuts, to deep gashes, to [DATA EXPUNGED]. If the person has a history of/or a current mental illness, they go into a psychotic rage, injecting any biological being they see with SCP-4226-1.

Addendum 1: SCP-4226 was recovered during a heroin camp bust in █████████, Russia. 2 of the officers there had injected themself with SCP-4226, as the other had heard the voices of SCP-4226-2. Field agents quickly arrived to the scene and recovered SCP-4226, 1 of them having injected SCP-4226-1 into themself.