Custom SCP Ideas

Hello people, I will be making random custom SCPs here. If you accept them, It will make me amazingly happy, I love SCPs, I love Custom things, I love creativity and most of all I love using my imagination. So here's a Custom SCP Crew I would like to make.

1: SCP-4000 Nickname: "The Island Of Dread" Object Class: Keter
Only to be known by Clearance level 3 and above.
SCP-4000-B "The Forgotten Ones"
SCP-4000-C "The Death-Bringer"
Description Of 4000-B: They look somewhat like 106, but have very deformed faces and just an empty feeling in their eyes. Their skin is more pale than 096, despite a random empty hole in where the heart would be, Every face looks different and they all have different heights, so if you could make how you see these deadly humanoid creatures, that would be great!
Description of 4000-C: Looks somewhat like a demonic spirit, yet has pure black eyes and a single 966-like tooth hanging from it's closed mouth, With a height near 096's, yet a bit shorter, this creature has claws like Freddy Krueger, except they pierce it's skin, leaving black liquid dripping from where it is, they replace it's nails and when aggravated, it will screech and circle the player with a creepy-ass expression on it's face. It has hair like Baba Yaga, but does not use that to attack whatsoever. If you can accept this, it would be nice. Thank you for taking your time to read this.
{FYI, SCP-4000 is containable, if the foundation is willing to build a room for the whole island, that is, Further information is that SCP-4000 can only be accessed if guarded by 6-12 Nine Tailed Fox units, If 4000-B makes a distance of 2 or less meters of a human being, it can make that human feel the urge to commit suicide. If 4000-C breaches, then there could be an Earth-dependent situation. If the breached subject(s) are still near the facility, then it is possible to re-contain. If it escapes fast enough, then the world could be in great trouble. -Well, unless it encounters 179 or 1128, Considering it doesn't get along with any living thing besides 4000-B and the agriculture of 4000.-}